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Fall 2017 Pantone Color Trends

Though it’s July now, Fall 2017 is just around the corner, and with it comes new trends for your home and fashion. Pantone released their predictions for Fall 2017 color trends back in the spring, and today we’re taking a look at the colors and how you can incorporate them into your upcoming kitchen or bath renovation.

Spicy Shades

The coral shade known as Grenadine would work beautifully to accessorize an otherwise neutral kitchen with bold pops of color. The shade itself is enough to make you reminiscence about the good ol’ days of soda fountains and Shirley Temples, which may inspire you to put your newly renovated kitchen to use by conjuring up your own version of the soda concoction made famous by everyone’s favorite curly-haired child star. Butterum and Autumn Maple are also on the list of fall favorites for 2017, and if looking at these shades don’t inspire you to cook up a pumpkin or sweet potato pie, we don’t know what will.

Bold Primaries

If you’re tired of the pastels and neutrals trend of the last few years, get ready to embrace Navy Peony, Tawny Port, and Shaded Spruce. Make a bold statement in your new kitchen or bath with neutral walls and one of these shades for your new cabinets. For example, Shaded Spruce, an intense deep green with blue undertones, pairs excellently with the lighter, spicy tone known as Butterum, while Navy Peony stands out against 2017’s go-to neutral shade, Neutral Gray. Tawny Port, a shade of maroon that may inspire you to pour up a glass of red wine in the evenings, pairs well with both Neutral Gray and Butterum.

Pretty Pastels

With names like Ballet Slipper, Marina, and Golden Lime, this year’s pastel tones aren’t hard to envision. Ballet Slipper is exactly what it sounds like--a soft, pastel pink that stands out with neutral kingpin shade, Neutral Gray, for those who just want a subtle spark of color in their otherwise neutral color scheme. But if you want to make a bold statement with a kitchen as colorful as you are, try pairing this shade with Tawny Port. Golden Lime is a yellow-green shade with golden undertones that looks great on kitchen cabinets and islands. Marina is a cool blue color that would look beautiful on walls or cabinets.

Back to the Future

Since Pantone has already released their shades for 2018, we took a glimpse at their list to see how 2017’s tones fare in the future. The answer? Signs point to a sunny outlook for each of these shades, but if you want to be ahead of the game, consider adding a neutral metallic color to your scheme. These shades are known as the new neutrals, and are predicted to be all the rage in 2018 and 2019. Bright yellows are also on notice for the upcoming years and pair well with many of fall 2017’s colors, particularly Navy Peony and Shaded Spruce.

With so many beautiful colors making their way into the latest home trends, there’s no better time to finally get started on that kitchen or bathroom renovation you’ve been dreaming about. Click here to get a free estimate on your project:

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