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Designing Your Master Closet Part Two: It’s All About the Accessories

In part one of our series, we mentioned the importance of incorporating accessories to organize the space inside your closet. Rev-a-Shelf is the king of organization accessories for a reason. They have designs with every space and need in mind. In today’s conclusion to our master closets series, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite organization accessories every closet should have all made by Rev-a-Shelf.

These Accessories Really TIE the Closet Together

Organizing your ties, belts, and scarves has never been easier with these organizers from Rev-a-Shelf. From wall-mounted to pull-out organizers, you’ll find a storage solution for all of your clothing accessories. The first image in this gallery features the amazing tie butler which boasts the capacity to hold up to 68 ties. If space for 68 ties isn’t enough, the tie butler is designed for easy double stacking to double storage space. The next images feature various tie, scarf, and belt organizers which can be mounted in different ways to suit your needs, including pull-out mounts. The last image features a pull-out belt or tie organizer with a tray attached to the top for belt buckles and other small accessories.

Rodiculously Awesome Clothing Organizers

From pants organizers to spiral clothing racks that fit all types of clothing, organizing your clothes has never been easier. You can choose from a pull down closet rod featuring a telescoping rod that adjusts to any length for universal and handicap use or pants organizers with movable fingers that make finding your favorite jeans a cinch. Rev-a-shelf also offers a maple wood pant rack that fits 18 standard size pants or 12 big and tall size pants along with a lifetime warranty. The pull-out pants organizer pivots for quick searching and features rubber o-rings and polished ends to keep pants from slipping or snagging.

Not So Lazy SHOEzens

Your mother’s favorite dining room table accessory has a new lease on life with these revamped versions of lazy susans designed to hold your favorite shoes, from high heels to sneakers and all that fall in between. Rev-a-Shelf has even designed his-and-her lazy shoezens with multiple shelf options to better fit your needs. If a lazy shoezen isn’t your thing, Rev-a-Shelf also offers acrylic shelf organizers in varying sizes to organize your shoe shelf along with shoe rails to keep your shoes in place.

Your Closet’s a Wash Without These Laundry Helpers

Even your laundry can get organized right inside your closet with various hamper options for drawers. From bottom mount to door mount, Rev-a-Shelf offers a hamper to fit a variety of drawers along with pull out canva bins for easy totes to the washer.

Something for the Ladies

The folks at Rev-a-Shelf know that women need spaces for much more than shoes and clothing. This gallery features everything from jewelry drawers to pull-out mirrors. Rev-a-shelf even offers a line of inserts for your jewelry drawers providing a home for all of your favorite jewelry pieces.

Now that you’ve gotten a look at some of our favorite organization accessories from Rev-a-shelf give us a call and let us help you choose the perfect organizers for your new master closet. Click here to get your free estimate.

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