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Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions

The bathroom vanity is where the majority of us begin our day. From getting rid of morning breath as fast as possible to achieving the perfect curl in our hair to match our new work dress, the bathroom vanity is the place where life begins to happen after the alarm rings. But when our bathroom vanity becomes a sea of clutter, heading to the mirror each morning can cause undue stress before the day has really begun. In today’s blog, we’re offering a few simple storage solutions that will keep your bathroom vanity clutter-free and your favorite to start the day.

The Makeup Drawer

mccarley cabinets vanity storage solutions

Ladies, let’s face it. We’re the ones with all the junk in the drawers. From day creams to night creams, and every piece of makeup in between, women’s beauty products are most likely the majority of bathroom vanity clutter.

mccarley cabinets vanity storage solutions rev a shelf

Luckily, companies like Rev-a-Shelf have developed storage organization solutions just for beauty products. Removable acrylic tray inserts like this one from Rev-a-Shelf is are perfect for separating lipsticks, blush and mascara.

The Hair Drawer

With all those beauty products, it's pretty hard to find room for all of the styling products ladies need to get through each day. Like your favorite mascara, your favorite styling tools and products can become lost in an abyss of hair and beauty essentials without a little good old fashioned organization.

Grooming organizers are designed with inserts for hair dryers and hair irons, along with space for hair brushes and styling products.

Take it one step further by having electrical outlets installed inside the hair drawer to avoid those moments when we’re in too big of a hurry to unplug and wind up cords.

The Slim Drawer

Don’t waste an inch of vanity space due to lack of imagination. Adding a slim drawer with adjustable shelves is the perfect place to store those items that really don’t have a home or to store taller beauty products like hairspray, or for cleaning supplies.

Door Storage

mccarley cabinets vanity storage

Rev-a-Shelf offers removable organizers for the back of cabinet doors. These are perfect for quickly storing go-to items like styling products or cleaning sprays. Magnetic knife strips are great on-the-door solutions for storing small tools like nail clippers, tweezers and hair pins.

The Previously Served No Purpose Space

The top and bottom areas of vanities are often underutilized. If you’ve got enough room to add a drawer less than 5 inches tall, you’ve got enough room to add an ironing board pull out or a customized pull out stool for the little ones in your home.

McCarley Cabinets is proud to build high-quality, custom cabinets that are designed to fit your family’s needs. For more information on bathroom organization, check out this post from 2017. To get started designing your dream bathroom, call us today for a free quote.

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