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Key Elements of Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse is one of the most popular styles in North Mississippi and we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon. But in an area in which country, rustic and, yes, farmhouse styles are the norm, distinguishing the differences between the styles can be difficult unless you know the key elements that define the styles. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of key elements of farmhouse style.

Open shelving. Whether you’re going for a classic farmhouse look or a more modern appearance, open shelving is a must.

Vintage freestanding kitchen furniture. Think the antique Hoosier cabinet in your grandmother’s dining room or a vintage style freestanding oven.

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Textiles. Specifically, wicker and rattan. Cotton and sisal are also popular choices for decorative accents.

Image Source: Good News Architecture

Shiplap or reclaimed wood elements. Whether it’s a backsplash, a table or island, or the material used on all four walls of a room, shiplap (barn board) or reclaimed wood elements are a must for farmhouse styled rooms.

McCarley Cabinets 2018

Vintage kitchenware and crocks. Think antique stoneware crocks and white ironstone pitchers, bowls and platters. Throw in a Mason jar or two, perhaps filled with fresh flowers from the garden, and soon Joanna Gaines will be at your door, begging to use your home as inspiration for her next farmhouse project.

McCarley Cabinets 2018

McCarley Cabinets 2018

Apron sinks and butcher block countertops. Apron sinks are such mainstays in farmhouse kitchens that they are now commonly referred to as farmhouse sinks. Butcher block is equally as prevalent in farmhouse kitchens with some homeowners simply adding a splash of butcher block on their kitchen island while others splurge for butcher block countertops throughout the whole room.

McCarley Cabinets 2018

Farmhouse table and painted furniture. These days as eat-in kitchens grow in popularity, large farmhouse tables are chosen in place of kitchen islands and is often the centerpiece of a farmhouse kitchen. Painted furniture, particularly distressed furniture, of any type, are also commonplace in farmhouse styled homes.

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