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Moving Past Design Hurdles

Dreaming up your new home’s design is exciting! It can also be overwhelming for those of us who aren’t professional interior designers or decorators. Luckily, we’ve gathered a few tips from design experts like Better Home and Garden’s Bobby Berk to guide us into design bliss.

  1. Find inspiration. Don’t know how to begin choosing the color, scheme or theme of your design? Start by creating a mood board. Even if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want, you probably have a piece of furniture, fabric or even art piece you’re envisioning as a statement piece. Use that as your starting point for inspiration! With a mood board, you can add images and materials that inspire you and soon you’ll figure out exactly what type of home decor style fits you.

  1. Learn where to splurge and where to save. According to Bobby Berk, curtains are the instant fix for any room needing a design upgrade but since you’ll probably change them out more often than other decorations, don’t splurge too much. Go for the style rather than the price tag. Berk also suggests skimping on the rug, especially if you’re a trendy person who plans on updating your room’s look regularly. When it comes to splurges, Berk points to bedding. "You spend 20 to 30 percent of your life in bed. It should feel like when you go to a nice hotel and the sheets are smooth and crisp."

  1. Lighting is everything. Every room needs three types of lighting--direction task lighting, ambient recessed or overhead lighting, and accent lighting.

  1. Your home is where you recharge. Make it appealing and comfortable for rest and refueling.

  1. Make rooms work together by choosing similar shapes and color schemes. This is especially important for homes with open floor plans.

Still think you’ll need a bit more direction in designing your new home or home renovation project? McCarley Cabinets can help! We work with expert designers to create spaces homeowners will love for life. Dial 662-728-1533 to get started with a free project estimate.

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