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4 Fun and Creative Ways to Color Your Bathroom

Some of us want a calm, serene and spa-like feel in our bathroom. The rest of us want our bathrooms colorful enough to wake up all five senses when we enter it each morning. But adding bold, bright colors to any room can be tricky if you don’t have any design experience. Luckily for you bold types, we do, and today we’re sharing our favorite fun and creative ways to add color to bathrooms with you.

Dazzle in Tile

Tile is perhaps our favorite method because of the many different ways you can use the material to add color. For a look that will mesmerize all who enter, try a fun 3D geometric tile or a rainbow mosaic on your shower wall or sink backsplash. Scalloped tile is an increasingly popular style that adds a fresh yet sophist icated vintage appeal. If you don’t want the color to dominate the room, turn your shower into the focal point by striping it using white subway tile and a brightly colored tile like a sunny yellow.

(Image Credit: Inside Out Magazine)

(Image Credit: David Land)

Light it Up

Think chandeliers are for dining rooms only? Think again. Fabuloso isn’t the only thing that will make your bathroom sparkle. A funky chandelier makes every bathtime shine. Pair it with a fun tile or colored sink.

(Image: DOS Architects)


Bring in the Beach Vibes

Turning your bathroom into a beachside oasis is a classic way to add color. Start by covering your walls with an aquatic paint shade or even wallpaper or texture that reminds you of water. Keep it simple with traditional fixtures and classic white shutters, towels, and shelving.

(Image and Design: Natalie DiSalvo)

(Image and Design: Southern Studio Interior Design)

Grow a Garden

Styling your bathroom to look like a garden is a tradition that dates back to...well when the bathroom was still in the garden. But today’s garden-inspired bathrooms might feature a gorgeous floral mosaic tile on the shower floor, or a sink designed to look like a garden fountain or birdbath. Handmade tiles and jewel-tone greens complete the look.

(Design and Image by Chandler Prewitt Design)

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