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5 Creative Ways to Display Christmas Cards

One of our favorite things about the Christmas season is the bundle of holiday greeting cards we receive each year from family, friends, and loved ones all over the world. Today’s Christmas cards are stylish, fun, and often feature photos because holiday cards are meant to be displayed. Over the years, Christmas cards have become synonymous with holiday home decor as a holiday pine with twinkling lights and colorful boughs. As each holiday season has passed, interior decorators and home decor mavens everywhere have devised creative and adorable ways to display our cards. Check out our five favorites, most of which call for items you’ll find around the house.

Go for outside-the-box holders.

It’s easy to grab some clothespins and twine and call it day on creating a display holder. But if you really want your cards to shine, think outside the box and go for an old shutter, large empty picture frame, a small wooden ladder, a garden trellis or even a wooden sled. If it’s old and in the way, it might just be the perfect holder for a classic holiday tradition.

Mix garland with greetings.

A classic and still fantastic way to display your cards is by pinning them with mini clothespins to a strand of garland. Then, you choose where you’ll display the garland. A mantle, stair banister, or even a door frame are popular spots. If garland simply isn’t enough to hold your cards, try adding them to a plain Christmas wreath.

Fill a Charlie Brown tree.

Where do you find a Charlie Brown tree? In your own backyard of course! All you need is several sturdy tree branches bound together and placed in a garden pot. Use Christmas themed ribbon to tie the branches into a tree and to add a holiday touch to the pot. Then use clothespins or a hole puncher and some twine to hang the cards. Or if you’re not crazy about the idea of hunting and gathering branches and you’re creative, try creating this fun yarn and hook tree.

Make your cards the star.

Keeping it simple yet sweet is what works best for many of us. Wide Christmas ribbon, twine, and clothespins are really all you need if you’re in a pinch or just prefer effortless decorating. Hang cards with ribbon and pins on rarely opened cabinets or around the mantle, or grab a broken branch to make a quick hanging wall display.

Turn last year’s cards into art.

If you’re the sentimental type who just can’t let go of cards from years past, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Turn your old cards into a Christmas craft! Make them into a fun door wreath like this one or grab your trusty ribbon, a bit of tin foil and some beads or jewels to turn your cards into beautiful ornaments for your tree.

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