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What to Know Before Calling an Interior Designer

So you think you're ready to start a remodel or renovation project. In fact, you've got the phone numbers of the top interior designers in your area on speed dial ready for you to make the call. But before you press the little green call button on your smartphone, ask yourself "Am I really ready to make this call? Do I have the answers to the questions I'll be asked?” If your answer is maybe, not sure, no, or anything other than yes, you're not ready to call the designer quite yet. Here's what designers expect you to know before scheduling your initial consultation.

Your budget.

Before you decide on color schemes, tile choices, countertop materials, and appliance finishes, you need to know how much money you have to spend on your project. Not only should you know how much you can spend, but you should also have a rough guesstimate of how much your desired project typically costs in your area. To figure that one out, you'll need to do your research. Websites like Houzz are a great place to start researching info on various home projects and it's also where you can find information on local home professionals. You'll want to make a list of must-haves and a wishlist so your designer knows exactly where your budget needs to go first.

The scope of work.

Whether it’s an afternoon consultation, a minor renovation like updating the vanity and tile in your bathroom or a major remodel that involves moving plumbing and taking down walls, designers want to know what kind of job you're hiring them to do. They'll also want details like the size of the space they'll be working on, the quality of materials you want or can afford, and specifics about every task you want done.

The type(s) of professional you need.

We wrote an entire blog on what makes an interior designer and an interior decorator different because many folks just don't know the difference and that's okay...until you're figuring out which one you need for your home project. Often, an interior designer is also an interior decorator. Without the proper training and licensing, however, an interior decorator cannot be or refer to themselves as an interior designer. Depending on the type and scope of the project, you'll likely need to hire other professionals like a cabinet designer and builder for kitchen and bath projects. Remodeling projects involving taking down walls and rearranging plumbing will require an electrician and plumber. Your interior designer can help you narrow down exactly who you'll need to hire but it's good to have an idea so you can plan them into your budget.

The timeline.

Much like everything else you'll discuss, you need to be upfront and honest about how long you expect your project to take and when you want it done. Got your heart set on a new kitchen in time for the holidays? Tell your designer. Want your backyard garage turned into a mother-in-law suite before your mom and dad move in when their lease is up at the senior apartments? Fill your designer in on their lease date. Don't be afraid to tell us when you want something finished. We need that timeline to properly plan your project.

A few other things.

We've talked about the tough stuff, now let's go over the other things you'll need to have ready before calling a designer.

  • Floor plans and measurements

  • Photos of the existing space

  • Inspiration photos, photos of specific products you want

Are you ready to start your next home renovation project? If you've made a check mark by all the things we discussed in this blog, you're ready to give us a call and turn your dream kitchen or bath into a reality. Dial 662-728-1533 to get started now.

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