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The Case for the Garbage Pullout Drawer

Today’s kitchen cabinets and drawers are not the kind your grandmother had installed in her home, but she probably wishes they were. Why? Because modern kitchen cabinets and drawers aren’t just more stylish than ever, they’re more efficient, too. You see, drawers and cabinets are no longer blank, empty spaces to fill. Today’s cabinets are organized and purposeful. If you have smartly designed cabinets, no space goes unused.

With so many organizational and storage options, it can be tough deciding what fits your family’s needs best. We believe one drawer or cabinet that should be in every family’s home is the garbage/recycling pullout and here are a few reasons why.

Trash? What Trash?

Giving your trash dispenser its own drawer is the best way to make you forget you have any waste at all. It’s out of sight and scent so you don’t have to worry about guests figuring out what you had for dinner from the smell of your kitchen. And since your trash is in a drawer that looks like every other drawer or cabinet in the kitchen, you can add seamless integration to your pros list.

It’s easier for home chefs to use.

Whether you’re the kind of chef that cleans as they go or the kind that blows in like a hurricane while creating their meal masterpieces, you’ll appreciate how much easier it is to clean up after cooking with a smartly placed and designed trash drawer. The best area to place your trash drawer or cabinet is near or in the cooking zone. One idea we love is to add a pullout butcher block to the top of the drawer or cabinet. Add a hole in the block centered above the trash to easily discard food waste.

The next best place for the trash pullout is in the cleaning zone, particularly underneath the kitchen sink. Typically, the drawers or cabinets under the sink are wide, which is a great option for adding multiple dispensers for waste and recycling. Placing the pullout here makes cleaning up after meals a cinch to complete.

Storage Central

Since trash drawers and cabinets tend to be deeper or wider than other cabinets, there’s usually space to add extra storage. You could add a sub-compartment to store trash bags and cleaning supplies or add an interior drawer for towels.

Check out more reasons to add a trash pullout drawer to your kitchen cabinet design plans in this article from Houzz.

Need more than just ideas for your kitchen renovation plans? Contact McCarley Cabinets today to discuss your renovation plans and get a free project estimate at 662-728-1533.

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