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How to Add Character to Any Home

One of the top reasons many people love older homes is for the architectural details that give the home character. Unfortunately, older homes also come with their fair share of major repair problems like old plumbing and electrical work, as well as worn out materials throughout the home that need to be replaced. Because of the heavy maintenance and upkeep, many homebuyers opt for a newer home that doesn’t need as much work but is also void of that beloved character that makes a home unique. The good news is that character is mostly cosmetic which means you can create the character you want on just about any budget. Need ideas to get started? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Decorative or Statement Lighting

Decorative or statement lighting can reset the vibe of any room in the home. Statement lighting is perfect for adding bold depth to dining rooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms. Decorative lighting sets the style of the room and can range from simple yet elegant dome lighting to the bold, statement pieces like chandeliers.

Embellished Cabinetry

If you’re happy with your kitchen cabinets’ overall design and condition but hate the plain cabinet facings consider giving them a facelift with replacements (designed by us, of course) or even with a DIY molding project. For the best results, we do recommend replacing the fronts with professionally built replacements, but you can learn more about updating with DIY molding here.

Beaded Board

Add instant texture to your walls with beaded board or the more durable beaded fiberboard if the walls you are creating are in a high moisture space like a bathroom. Beaded board is perfect for those who aren’t fans of shiplap but still like that farmhouse look.

Rustic Wood Beams

Somehow, rustic wood beams give plain vaulted ceilings an elegance one rarely achieves with materials described as “rustic.” It’s our favorite way to take ceilings to a new level if you will.

Fun Interior Doors

Think sliding barn doors for your pantry or old half-glass office doors for your home office. Funky interior doors are as charming as they are fun to find.

Framed Fireplace

The fireplace is often the centerpiece of the living room and we believe every fireplace should make a statement. If you’ve got a fireplace with absolutely no frame or just a really ugly one, give it a new face with stone or brick-like tile or frame it out with new bookcases.

Just because your home didn’t come with any decorative crown molding doesn’t mean you can’t add it now. Consider adding paneling to a staircase or a picture rail to the master bedroom.

Ready to add character to your home? We can help with projects like new cabinet facings and shelving to frame your fireplace. Learn more and request a free project quote by dialing 662-728-1533 Monday - Friday.

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