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Garage Conversions Any Dad Will Love

Garage Conversions Any Dad Will Love

We love it when a husband gifts his wife a new kitchen, bathroom, or that home office/crafting space she’s dreamt of for years. But we also love helping women gift their spouses or dads with their own dream space. An unused garage is a perfect place to give the man in your life that special space they’ve talked about but never considered making a reality. Check out our garage conversions any dad will love.

The Home Office/Workshop

Covid-19 saw many men rethink their careers or convert to working from home. Some turned hobbies like woodworking into a full-fledged small business, others turned their love for tinkering around with cars into a shop currently based in their driveway. For men who are building or repairing from home, a workshop/office space would be the perfect garage conversion. A designer can plan out an office area with cabinet storage and a workspace with plenty of room for equipment and practical storage like toolbox cabinets and heavy-duty shelving.

The Home Office/Studio

Many men in fields like graphic design and IT, as well as other industries in which employees traditionally work in an office environment, have converted to working remotely. If they’ve been working with a makeshift office at the dining table, the garage could be the perfect solution. Most garages are large enough to provide ample space for an office area and even a studio space for creators or a lounge or meeting space for clients. This garage conversion is also ideal for attorneys, engineers, accountants, and other office professionals who are starting their own firm from home.

The Home Gym

This garage conversion idea seems a bit on the nose, which is why we didn’t make it number one. Still, most men dream of having their own home gym, and the garage offers tons of space for a truly spectacular workout area including small gym equipment and fresh gym towels. If you want to take it up a notch and your garage has the space to accommodate, consider adding a sauna in one corner. Ooh, fancy!

The Man Cave

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a man cave. The thing about a man cave is, that there is no perfect formula for one. The man cave should be outfitted with what speaks to your guy. We’ve seen all sorts of man caves throughout the years and most of them offer something a little different than the last. While some think of a man cave as a place for a makeshift bar, a couple of old futons, a card table, and a big-screen television for game day, not all guys are into drinking and watching the game. Man caves can be makeshift libraries for bookworms, a creator’s studio for writers, artists, and musicians, or a gamer’s paradise, whether it's a PS5 or Dungeons and Dragons.

Ready to give the dad in your life the garage conversion of his dreams? We can help with that! Click here to request your free project estimate.


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