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Designing the Ultimate Custom Closet

Many factors go into making a dream closet a reality. Many times, a trade-off must be made between aesthetic and ease of use, but the ideal closet is as functional as it is beautiful.


The most high-end luxury closets all appear to have been organized by a professional. Closet organization is easy to put-off and overlook because it isn’t a room in the house that receives much traffic. Guests usually don’t venture into your storage areas, so it isn’t always a priority. Having a clean, pleasant space to keep your things will create a space you like to be, help you better care for your clothes and make mornings easier. The first step to complete organized bliss is to create a space for everything. This means different sized shelves, drawers, drawer organizers and rods at different height for all of your wearables. Customized, high-quality storage is the key to organized luxury.

Clothing should be organized by shade for the most seamless appearance. This can mean organizing by color groups or by coordinating pieces that are typically worn together. Your clothing clusters should read like a well-curated mood board.

Jewelry, scarves and other accessories should be displayed in a way that makes them easy to see and grab quickly. Shoes should be lined up neatly, off the floor and easy to see. If you have clothing you would rather not display, now might be the time to purge. Take Marie Kondo’s advice and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you happiness. It is permissible to keep jewelry, tennis shoes and flip-flops tucked away.


Your closet deserves the same treatment and special care as the other rooms in your home, decor-wise. Take a look at your wardrobe and evaluate your personal style; use it to create your luxury closet that looks like it was made for your clothes and shoes. Like it or not, the storage solutions you choose will be the dominant aesthetic. Choose quality and custom pieces! Glam up the space with a plush rug and statement light fixture.

For a truly luxurious closet experience, add small touches like track lights, glass cabinet doors, a seating area and a vanity.

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