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Pantone's 2022 Fall Color Picks

Need a reason to think about cooler temps in the hot days of summer? We’ve got just the remedy. It’s time for one of our favorite articles of the year--the annual Pantone Fall Color Picks! You can expect to see these colors on everyone and everywhere during the upcoming autumn season.

The Color Palette

This year’s Pantone fall color palette is like walking through a perfect October day. You know the day. The one when all the leaves are at their most vibrant, and the sky is that perfect shade of cloudless blue. Pantone’s artists must have been outside on that perfect day last October as the inspiration for their color palette is evident. Without further ado, take a look at these beautiful, fun, and inspiring fall colors.

Lava Falls Pantone fall 2022

Lava Falls

A rich, deep orange-red that matches the deepest shade of red in a sunset, Lava Falls is the ideal shade for a vibrant accent color.

Samoan Sun

Traditionally, mustard is the popular shade of yellow for fall but we are digging Pantone’s buttery sunshiney pick, Samoan Sun. It’s warm, inviting, and makes us a little hungry for a baked fall pie.

Orange Tiger

Highly visual and, oh so whimsical, the bold and creative will love Pantone’s pick for orange. And yes, it does remind us of a tiger!

Rose Violet

Almost neon, this play on magenta is fun, young, and cool. Perfect for your teenage daughter’s room or for a creator’s studio.


Kelly green fans will love how Pantone blended that shade with a forest green to come up with Amazon. It’s a great choice for cabinets!


A light, flirty floral pink, this color could be a fun pick for an accent cabinet, a home office, or a young girl’s room.


Cool and cleansing, waterspout is a light, bright shade of blue that refreshes the eye.

Caramel Cafe

There are neutral shades of brown, then there are vibrant shades like Caramel Cafe. The shade reminds us of a caramel coffee, and we think it makes for a fun cabinet color.


A deeper shade of blue than Watersprout, this color is a magnificent shade for cabinets to complement black stainless steel appliances.

Martini Olive

Do you like martinis? Do you like martinis with olives? Then you can already picture what this shade looks like. We like it for cabinets!

The Classic Color Palette

Pantone’s Fall 2022 Classic Color Palette is a shining example of the new neutrals. This season’s neutrals are quite a contrast from what we saw five years ago and even three years ago.

Arctic Wolf

Pantone describes Arctic Wolf as a “soft-shaded tactile white.” It’s a lovely take on creamy white and it pairs well with the next shade in the classic color palette--Autumn Blonde.

Autumn Blonde

If you’re thinking of a leafy yellow, think again. Autumn Blonde is a sweet, smooth peachy cream shade that reminds us of a Southwestern sunset.

Polar Night

Look to the cosmos for the inspiration behind this blue-so-dark-you-think-it’s-black hue. Homeowners who love kitchens with drama have found their perfect shade in this one.

Loden Frost

This calming shade of green inspired by nature itself is a classic color you can enjoy for years to come.

Chiseled Stone

We told you that gray hadn’t gone away, but it’s definitely undergone a refresh. Chiseled Stone is a prime example of how 2022 does everyone’s favorite neutral color. Each of the colors in the classic color palette are meant to complement each other and the colors in the color palette. All of the classics do this job well, but we especially love the effect Chiseled Stone has when paired with every single shade in the entire fall palette.

Want to see how the new Pantone fall colors will look in your new kitchen design? Call us at 662-728-1533 to request a free project estimate!


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