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How to Choose Backsplash that Complements Your Countertops

No kitchen is quite complete without a beautiful backsplash to complement your countertops and cabinets. But how does one go about choosing the perfect backsplash and countertop combination? First, we back things up a bit and make some other key decisions. These steps will help you narrow down your choices and make selection easier.

First things first.

Even if you’ve already spotted a great backsplash or countertop that you adore, it won’t matter if they don’t match your kitchen (or bath)’s color palette and style. So, before you jump the gun and buy that seemingly perfect backsplash, back up and take a seat at the color wheel for a while. If you’re absolutely set on using a specific backsplash tile or countertop, you’ll need to be okay with basing your color palette and style around that. Your interior designer can help you select the perfect shades and style of cabinetry and hardware that will best suit your backsplash or countertop.

Although it is possible to create a great kitchen design based on your backsplash, its much preferred to start with deciding on color palettes, style, flooring, and even your large appliances. Once you have these decisions in place the bigger picture comes into focus, and you may find that backsplash or countertop material you thought you wanted doesn’t actually fit with anything else you envision for your kitchen.

Now for the Big Decision

Once you’ve chosen your design, room colors, appliances, and flooring, we can focus on picking the perfect countertop. We recommend choosing the countertop first because it consumes more of your budget and your space, and it’s not as easy to change as a backsplash. Plus, the details of your countertop like the veining can help you find a backsplash that brings out those colors.

One faux pas you want to avoid is choosing a countertop and backsplash that compete with one another. If your countertop has a lot of movement and detail, look for a more subtle backsplash that softly complements your countertop and vice versa. If the backsplash and countertops you feel you can’t live without both have busy designs, match the color palettes so they’ll feel more cohesive and intentionally paired.

We can’t wrap this up without our best advice--hire an interior designer to help you design your kitchen and baths. They are experts in taking what you love and envision in your dream space and bringing them to life in a beautiful way. McCarley Cabinets is proud to have an in-house designer to help all of our clients create the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams. If you want your dream kitchen to truly be a dream come true that lasts a lifetime, you want a high-quality, highly-reputable cabinet company like McCarley Cabinets. Get started today by requesting your free quote here (link to free quote)


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