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The Bathroom Design Features Every Designer Recommends

The Bathroom Design Features Every Designer Recommends

When it comes to redesigning your master bathroom, as the old adage goes, we say go big or go home. Why? Because the design features of your bathroom will take it from a boring, ordinary place to handle your hygiene to a relaxing, inviting space to unwind and wash the day away. Plus, if you’re planning to sell your home one day, those extras you splurged on will become a selling point for buyers. Take a look at the bathroom design features every designer recommends for your home.

All. The. Storage.

Traditional bathrooms feature a tub or shower or combo, a sink, a mirror, and a toilet. Over the years, vanities have become a mainstay in bathrooms as well. But today’s vanities are not the vanities of yesterday, which were little more than added countertop around the sink. Today’s vanities offer ample storage space with organized storage options inside the cabinets and drawers.

The vanity isn’t the only place getting more storage space than ever. Homeowners are adding upper cabinets around their mirrors and lower cabinets beyond the vanity. We also find empty nooks and corners utilized as corner shelves or cabinets for linens and towels.

Heated Flooring

Don’t you hate that unpleasant jolt you feel when you step out of a warm shower onto an ice-cold floor? Now you don’t have to ever experience that unpleasant feeling again, at least in when you’re in your own bathroom. Heated floors rank as one of the most popular items homeowners splurge on in bathrooms, and designers agree it’s worth the dent in your wallet.

Even if your idea of what a spa bathroom looks like varies from the traditional spa bath design, most everyone can agree that a bathroom with spa elements is ideal no matter what your style. Features like heated floors make a spa, well, feel like a spa.

Connected Storage

We mentioned organized storage in cabinets and drawers, but did you know you can customize that storage to include outlets for your hair dryers, curling irons, and phone chargers? Drawers with inside plug-ins are one of the most demanded features of bathroom cabinets today.

Shower niche

The fiberglass showers and baths of yesterday featured small, slippery soap-sized nooks that held a bar of soap and little else. Shampoo and conditioner bottles, razors, and shave gel had to find a home on the edge of the tub or top of the shower.

That was then. Today’s customized showers include shower niches, a built-in shower shelf big enough to house all of your hygiene products. Your niche can be any size or shape you want. Some choose to create a small shelf above their shower bench, others opt for a niche that runs the length of one wall of the shower.

Handheld Shower Sprayer and Controls Near Entrance

From moms who drag their little ones into the shower to give them a proper shampooing to those times when you’re sick or exhausted and just want to sit and relax while showering, a handheld sprayer is handy for everyone, no matter what stage of life you are in!

Another design feature today’s designers have “fixed” from previous shower designs is moving the shower controls next to the entrance of the shower. Everyone has been annoyed after getting accidentally sprayed with water when you’re turning the shower on. Ladies who are trying to avoid getting their hair wet will appreciate simply reaching into the entrance and turning on the shower without having to bend under the showerhead to reach the controls. Controls next to the shower entrance are also safer for older and disabled adults who are at a high risk of falling.

Statement Area

Whether it's a statement mirror for your vanity or an awe-inspiring wallpaper on an accent wall, pick an area of your bathroom to “wow” each visitor, yourself included. Your shower or tub could serve as your statement piece, and so could your vanity. Lighting such as sconces for your vanity mirror is another way to create a statement area.

High-quality Plumbing

Nothing ruins a beautiful bathroom like a shower or tub with low water pressure and short hot water access, or a toilet that doesn’t run quite right. Like with any home maintenance service, you get what you pay for when it comes to plumbing. Your bathroom’s plumbing is the first splurge you should make over any other feature. Trust us, you’ll thank us later when your state-of-the-art showerhead feels like an aqua massage thanks to the state-of-the-art plumbing and incredible water pressure behind the scenes.

We know many reasons why kitchens and bathrooms are the most valued rooms in the home. Without them, our homes wouldn’t feel complete. That’s why splurging on features in bathrooms and kitchens is seen as a smart investment rather than a waste of money. If you’re ready to bring the quality of your bathroom design to higher standards, call McCarley Cabinets today to get started with a free project quote.


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