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The South's Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

Life as we knew it isn’t the only thing to change over the last year. Many of the kitchen design trends we’ve seen over the last few years, like minimalist kitchens, are taking a backseat to trends like textured walls and more ornate designs like arched entryways. Check out the top Southern kitchen design trends for 2021, according to Southern Living.

Durable Kitchens

When we say everything changed because of the pandemic, we mean literally everything including kitchen design! Today, homeowners are taking a more practical, personal approach to designing their kitchens. Pretty but less durable materials like marble and granite are being pushed aside for the more sturdy but still attractive quartz.

Personality Returns

The stark, minimalist kitchens of the late 2010s are finally giving way to kitchens with a more personal touch. Flat, no-nonsense cabinet fronts are being replaced with classic shaker style and other designs that utilize metal hinges. Why? Pretty decor is taking the place of minimalism and small details like cabinet door hinges are important again. Dimmable accent lighting, textured walls, archways and curves, as well as dramatic waterfall edges on countertops are also trending design elements homeowners are using to add personality to kitchens.

Warm Woods

Wood cabinets have always been a popular choice, although the type of wood, the color of the stains, and accent choices have changed over time. In 2021, white oak Scandinavian style cabinets are what’s popular among wood cabinet lovers. No dark stains in these kitchens, however. Light-colored stains and whitewash are the way to go.

Color Pop

Classic white kitchens never go out of style but many homeowners are choosing to add pops of color to their kitchens this year. The most popular color choice for kitchens is green in just about any shade, from dark hunter green to light, mint green. Though some homeowners are choosing to add color to the entire kitchen, the most popular design trend is to add a pop of color to the kitchen island, bar, or backsplash. For a less permanent choice, try adding pops of color to bar stools, curtains, or decorative towels.

Moody, Black Kitchens

Like white, black is a classic color choice that never goes out of style. This year, the color is a bit more popular than usual. Homeowners are accenting their kitchens with black quartz countertops and black hardware and lighting. Satin brass and mixed metals are still popular choices for hardware on black cabinets.

Matching Backsplash and Countertops

Instead of tile, homeowners are choosing one stone material to outfit both their backsplash and countertops, for a seamless look. Quartz is the most popular choice for this trend.

Functional, Creative Storage

Think organized storage in pantries and nook and cranny storage. That random, unused corner in the kitchen is now a corner shelf for cookbooks. Even small pantry cabinets are getting the most out of the storage space with organization tools like lazy susans.

There you have it, the South’s top kitchen design trends of 2021. Want to see how these trends will work in your upcoming kitchen renovation project? Click here to get started with a free quote from McCarley Cabinets.


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