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Kitchen Layout Ideas to Consider Before You Renovate

Choosing the right kitchen layout is key to loving your new renovation for years to come. In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at the six kitchen layouts that offer the most functionality.

kitchen with text "Kitchen Layout Ideas to Consider Before You Renovate"

The kitchen triangle or zone method is a great starting point for planning your kitchen’s layout. Both are ways to organize your kitchen’s space based on functionality. The kitchen triangle includes the sink, fridge, and stove/oven as its three points with each side measuring between nine and four feet long with a total of less than 26 feet.

The zone method organizes space by the elements needed for meal preparation, cooking, and cleaning. Guidelines for the kitchen triangle and zone method don’t always work for every space but that doesn’t mean a functional floor layout is out of the question. Check out these six kitchen layouts.

L-Shaped Layout

The L-shaped layout consists of two adjoining walls and often has upper and lower cabinets. One leg of the L is often longer than the other and has more counter space while the shorter leg typically hosts appliances. The L-shaped kitchen works well in small spaces and open floor plans. It’s also a great way to create a casual eat-in dining area.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen offers counter-space and upper and lower cabinets. It provides efficient use in small kitchens and easily establishes designated areas in larger kitchens. The U-shaped kitchen can usually accommodate an island or a small eating area in the center. You can also leave the space open to create better traffic flow.

Central Island Layout

This layout has become quite popular over the years. The central island layout offers prep and eating space as well as extra storage space underneath. This layout works great in open floor plans or minimal designs with sleek built-in appliances. Oversized islands can take center stage with the scale, design, and materials. Large islands provide a space for an island sink, central entertaining, and additional eating space.

Peninsula Layout

The peninsula layout combines the best of both worlds of a U-shaped kitchen and central island. The peninsula layout consists of a workspace on three sides that naturally designate food prep and cooking areas, adding efficiency to everyday meal prep. The layout also brings versatility by adding counter-space and storage or by becoming a go-to seating area.

One-wall Kitchen

The one-wall layout is the ultimate space saver in small houses, apartments, townhomes, and lofts. They typically have sinks that are evenly spaced between the stove and refrigerator making it easier to move between all three. This compact, space-saving design leaves room for an eat-in table or a seamlessly integrated open floor plan.

Galley Kitchen

This long-time favorite takes advantage of narrow spaces and are common in apartments and older homes. Galley kitchens have countertops and cabinets on parallel walls with a narrow walkway in between. This layout calls for four to six feet of space between the walls. The galley kitchen layout is versatile in style and can be combined with other designs to boost functionality. A small peninsula could be added on one end or a window in a wall could be added to create a mid-kitchen bar and eating area.

To find out which layout would work best for your kitchen renovation project, click here to request your free project estimate.


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