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Outside the Box Microwave Placement Options

Outside the Box Microwave Placement Options

Microwaves are one of the most essential appliances for kitchen design. In fact, 90% of Americans have microwaves in their kitchen.

Microwave placement is, however, a tricky task. Counterspace is usually at a premium. You wouldn’t want your microwave to take up unnecessary space and make the area look cluttered.

Whether you choose to place it high above your store, out of sight in a cabinet, or within reach on a counter or island, factors like safety, convenience, and appearance must be considered.

So, to help you out, we’ve compiled the best and most appropriate microwave placement options for your kitchen.

Hidden In A Cabinet

If you don’t use your microwave very often, you can tuck it into your pantry or one of your kitchen cabinets.

Microwaves with less usage will equate to less mess — and less frequent cleaning. This makes hidden microwaves an ideal solution for keeping smaller kitchens tidy.

The only thing you need to be careful about is choosing a model that will fit once plugged in. Don’t forget to let your electrician know your plans so they can make safety accommodations and place the plug in the right location.

Microwave in an appliance wall
Microwave in an appliance wall

Fit In An Appliance Wall

High-end kitchens often make use of appliance walls.

Stacking your microwave over your wall oven can help use space efficiently while giving your kitchen an elegant, streamlined look. Plus, your microwave will be placed at an easy-to-use height.

This unit blends in perfectly with the other appliances, hence maintaining the aesthetic and consistent look of the kitchen. You may either buy units that are sold as microwave-oven combos, or you can buy a wall oven and separately install a microwave with a trim kit above.

Placed Above the Stove

One of the most common placements for your microwave is above the stovetop. This keeps your counter space free and allows you to use below-counter cabinetry for drawers.

During construction or remodeling, keep in mind that a microwave cabinet will be deeper than other cabinets. In addition, the left-hand hinging of microwaves will influence the final placement.

An overhead microwave placement can turn out to be an appealing solution but may not be suitable for all room sizes.

Angled In The Corner Of A Counter

This is a convenient option for large kitchens where deep corners are left unused.

The advantage of such microwave placement is that it fills up unutilized space. The microwave will be face outwards towards the rest of the room for easy use. Additionally, it will use deep cabinet space a lot more efficiently than other items, which would be hard to reach.

However, note that there will be some unused space behind the microwave.

Microwave in an island cabinet
Microwave in an island cabinet

Positioned Under A Cabinet

Some folks might not like to showcase their microwave. In that case, a below-counter microwave placement is helpful. We usually see this placement in a center island. It will free the countertop while being user-friendly (not too low and easy to access).

Such positioning also gives you more space for food preparation if you have a cramped kitchen.

However, if the cabinet is placed too low, it might not be a very ergonomic choice. Bending to place and remove dishes may be hard for older adults. It may also pose a safety hazard for couples with curious toddlers.

As you plan your kitchen renovation, don’t overlook your microwave placement. Finding the right spot for this small yet essential appliance improves your kitchen’s overall appearance while streamlining your workflow.


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