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Range Hood Designs

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Venting away smoke and fumes while cooking is now a stylish occasion with range hoods that are more practical and aesthetically appealing than ever before. Today we’re taking a look at the most popular designs trending in kitchens this year.

As one of the oldest and most reliable among their kind, Vent-a-Hood is McCarley Cabinet’s preferred name in range hoods. Vent-a-Hood offers a variety of designs to fit every homeowner’s vision of their dream kitchen. In addition to their customizable wall-mount and island designs, Vent-a-hood offers a series of liners for those who want a uniquely designed enclosure. Here’s a brief rundown of Vent-a-Hood’s product lines and what they offer.

Vent-a-Hood Premier Magic Lung

Vent-a-Hood’s Magic Lung blower system was patented for its innovative technology and high quality standards. The Magic Lung boasts a number of benefits, including;

  • Low noise. With the use of SensaSource technology, the Magic Lung line promises only a “whisper of air movement” during use.

  • Efficiency. The Magic Lung blower combines constant speed and just the right amount of air pressure with centrifugal filtration to keep the air in your kitchen free of cooking contaminants.

  • Easy cleaning. Housing for the Magic Lung snaps apart smoothly for quick cleanings that only require warm, soapy water and a rag.

  • Fire prevention. The Magic Lung system is the only system of its kind that prevents fire from spreading to other areas of the home.

  • Power. Each blower provides 300 CFM of air movement.

Vent-a-Hood Power Lung

Vent-a-Hood’s more affordable but still efficient Power Lung Blower is built together with Centrifugal Filter chamber to work as a single housing system. The Power Lung line captures grease, controls smoke, and is energy efficient and effective.

Patented Air Recovery System (ARS) Duct-Free Range Hoods

Ideal for light home cooking where traditional ventilation isn’t possible, the patented ARS offers unlimited design possibilities while remaining powerful and efficient in removing contaminants and delivering clean air for your kitchen. ARS works in four phases to keep the air in your kitchen clean and contaminant-free. Learn more about the Air Recovery System.

M Series

The M Series is Vent-a-Hood’s budget line. Don’t let the word budget turn you away--the M series is still backed by Vent-a-Hood’s high quality guarantee.

Each Vent-a-Hood system is available in liner inserts for customers who prefer a uniquely designed hood cover. To learn more about Vent-a-Hood’s ventilation measurements, mounts, and noise efficiency, check out our blog, Everything You Need to Know About Range Hoods. In the meantime, take a look at some of our favorite hood designs on Houzz.

This sloped wall-mount range from Vent-a-Hood fits perfectly with this take on a 19th century farmhouse kitchen.

The liner inside this custom-built hood is made by Vent-a-Hood. The company currently offers five customizable liners--three for wall-mounts and two for islands. You can view the measurement sheets for liners here.

This custom-built hood also features a Vent-a-Hood liner.

A traditional Charleston kitchen featuring a custom-built hood cover with a Vent-a-Hood liner.

Vent-a-Hood’s Euro styles are among the company’s most popular designs, as seen in this Detroit kitchen featured on Houzz.

This Calgary, Alberta, CA kitchen features a chimney hood range by Vent-a-Hood.

Vent-a-Hood’s Premier Magic Lung Designer Series is featured in this transitional style kitchen in Atlanta.

Now that you’ve seen ideas from other designers, take a glance at a few designs custom built by McCarley Cabinets.

As you can see, Vent-a-Hood’s products are versatile and fit with any style. If a custom-built range hood is part of your vision for your dream kitchen, we’ll help you choose the right Vent-a-Hood product to fit your needs. Get started with a free quote today.


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