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DIY or Call in a Pro?

You’re finally ready to tackle some much-needed projects around your home. Your list has grown over the last year to include turning a guest room into an office, renovating the kitchen, and the usual seasonal tasks like cleaning out the gutters. You know you can handle some of these tasks just fine on your own and you enjoy DIY projects but a few of the bigger projects on your list would probably be better suited for a professional. Read on to see which home projects you can DIY and which ones should be left to a pro.

DIY-Friendly Projects

Most seasonal home maintenance projects are DIY-ers. From re-painting the fence to landscaping or replacing filters in your HVAC system, there are plenty of projects for the DIY lover to tackle. Here are a few other home projects you can do yourself.

  • Hanging drywall

  • Installing baseboards

  • Installing laminate flooring

  • Insulating open walls

  • Minor electrical work

  • Installing a toilet

  • Installing vinyl flooring tile

Leave It to the Pros Projects

The golden rule for deciding if you should or shouldn’t tackle a home project yourself is “Will this project end in disaster if it goes wrong? If the answer is yes, maybe, or I don’t know, it’s time to call in the pros. Projects like repairing a water link inside a wall, replacing poor electrical work, and fixing an HVAC system are better left to a licensed professional or company with trained and experienced workers. Other projects better suited for someone with experience included:

  • Additions or renovations, particularly kitchen and bath renos.

  • Re-paving the driveway

  • Installing solid hardwood flooring

  • Foundation work

  • Installing gutters

  • Installing an HVAC system

  • Building an exterior retaining wall

  • Installing shower tile

  • Installing vinyl or fiber-cement siding

  • Replacing windows

DIY or Hire a Pro Projects

Some home projects can be performed by you if you have the experience or willingness to learn how to take on the project at hand. If time isn’t on your hands, however, these projects would also be suited for a professional.

  • Installing ceramic or stone tile

  • Demoing walls or ceiling

  • Finishing drywall

  • Interior painting

  • Installing a pre-hung door

  • Rewiring a room

Before beginning any DIY project, we encourage you to at least consult with a professional to ensure you know everything necessary for completing your project successfully. And if new kitchen cabinets or countertops are on your honey-do list, we’re one call away from taking the project off your hands and giving you the kitchen or bath of your dreams. To get started with a free estimate, dial 662-728-1533.


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