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Most Popular Bathroom Styles To Inspire Your Next Remodel

Most Popular Bathroom Styles To Inspire Your Next Remodel

A bathroom is the most trafficked place in any home. And it really needs to look fabulous!

Plus, let’s not forget how a well-designed bathroom can create a big difference in the feel of your home. However, even while being one of the most functional spaces, bathrooms are still often overlooked when it comes to interior design.

With the limitless popular bathroom style ideas available, choosing a brand new look might be a tad bit overwhelming. To spark your inspiration, we’re bringing you the best and trendiest bathroom design ideas. From luxurious tubs to lush vanities, let’s decide which style resonates with you.


Modern decor bathrooms focus on sleek designs to save space without reducing functionality.

Resin, glass, wood, and natural stone are the major materials used to achieve the look. Colors such as white, black, grey, and light brown are fantastic choices to emulate the look of stone and natural wood.

The fixtures include a walk-in shower and a free-standing bathtub. Vanities and sinks are usually wall-mounted to save space. To add to the modern feel, towels and rugs match the color of the walls and fixtures.

The lighting may be varied according to your style, but streamlined lighting will accommodate the space and match the overall vibe of the bathroom perfectly.


Traditional bathrooms are timeless and classic with their universal charm.

Traditional bathroom decor covers a wide spectrum of primary colors such as off-whites, bright colors, greys, blacks, and browns.

It emphasizes bold designs by including classic materials such as acrylic, porcelain, and marble for tubs, sink stands, and vanities.


Contemporary designs embrace the latest in materials, technology, and trends.

Clean lines, hard angles, and symmetrical geometric patterns are used in their design. This style avoids traditional shapes and heavy embellishments.

Contemporary bathrooms focus on natural and man-made materials that provide visual contrast while complementing each other.

Common elements of a contemporary bathroom include standalone sink basins and metal vanities. These contrasts between classic and modern designs create a unique aesthetic.

Although any high-contrast color combination can work, a black-and-white palette is popular for contemporary bathrooms.


Rustic bathrooms showcase glimpses of natural beauty. They pair warm, cozy textiles with rugged materials to create a welcoming space.

A few vital elements of rustic interior design for your bathroom include:

  • Natural stone floors

  • Vessel sinks made of copper

  • Wooden vanity

  • Japanese-style soaking tub


Craftsman bathrooms highlight the simple beauty of quality workmanship and natural wood to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. They are simple but not fully minimalist.

They employ crafted elements in the windows, drawers, cabinets, and sometimes even fixtures. Since much of the pieces are constructed from wood, fixtures in brass, copper, or nickel compliment this style beautifully.

This style retains the charm of the classic bath but uses items you have crafted yourself for a more homely feeling, and features vibrant greens and warm neutrals that coordinate well with natural wood.

When it comes to bathroom themes and styles, you have endless options. Delve a little deeper the various styles and ask yourself what appeals most to you. You will eventually find the style that suits your liking and helps bring your bathroom design vision to life!


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