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Choosing a Cabinet Color for Black Appliances

Choosing a Cabinet Color for Black Appliances

Black stainless steel appliances have soared in popularity over the last year and for good reason. They offer the durability of stainless steel with the sleek appeal of classic black. Now that you’re sold on black appliances for your new kitchen, the next question is, what cabinet colors go best with black appliances? See what the design experts say.

Saturated Colors

After years of all-white kitchens stealing the spotlight, people are finally yearning for color again. Saturated blues and greens work particularly well, like Sherwin Williams’ Indigo Batik, a favorite blue among designers. Deep moss green, slate blue, and a rich Bordeaux are also top picks. Another favorite green shade is Sherwin Williams’ Lucky Green. Green is truly the rising star of cabinet colors for 2022, and black is the perfect complementary neutral.

Nature Calls

The cool shades of gray and white fade into the background this year while warm browns and wood return to the spotlight. Who says brown doesn’t go with black? Not designer Erica Evensen, who told the Spruce, “For a moodier look, I would love to see black stainless appliances set against a dark stained cabinet with a tight grain, paying homage to a classic pairing of brown and black.”

When it comes to pairing black appliances with wood cabinets, designer Kathleen Walsh suggested natural oak as a beautiful pairing with black. Pairing wood cabinets with black appliances works especially well for homeowners wanting to achieve a cozy, modern cabin look.


Believe it or not, black cabinets look stunning with black stainless steel appliances. Designers suggest using white, marble countertops and backsplashes with gray, purple, or green veining to “add just a touch of color and dimension to the look.”

Blue and Gray

Gray cabinets haven’t gone away, but the new grays are softer, warmer, and pair so well with shades of blue. Designers love the pairing of blue with a light, unexpected gray, like Benjamin Moore’s Palace Pearl, with black appliances and a pop of brass in the light fixtures.

Have you upgraded your appliances to black stainless and now realize your cabinets look outdated? Call us at 662-728-1533 to talk about new cabinets to bring your kitchen into current trends.


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