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Ideas to Make Your Pantry Beautiful and Organized

Everyone loves a beautiful, Pinterest-worthy pantry, but not all of us are design mavens with the expertise to make our pantries look like a Joanna Gaines masterpiece. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some design tips from the experts to pass along.

Labeled Drawers

Nothing makes the organizing extraordinaire happier than labels! Today’s label options range from the traditional label machine typewriter-style labels to the fashionable but practical tiny chalkboard labels. Custom-built drawers can be made with labels or spaces for labels.

Back-of-door Organizer

Sure, we’d all love a built-in wall pantry, but some of us only have space for a good built-in cabinet pantry. Back-of-door organizers provide extra storage and easy access to your most-used items, like spices!

Easy Scoop Jars and Containers

Don’t you love walking into an old-fashioned candy store and scooping up your favorite sweets into a bag yourself?

You can have the same feeling at home with easy scoop jars and containers, designed for items ranging from sugar and flour to your favorite cereals.

Magnetic Spice Strip and Jars

Spices last longer when they’re stored in a cool, dry space. If a back-of-door organizer doesn’t work for you, try storing your spices on the wall using a magnetic spice strip and jars. Pull out your label-maker so you never confuse nutmeg with cinnamon again

Pull-out Drawers and Bins

Pull out drawers and bins make it easy to find things, even those items that always seem to get lost in the back.

Turntables for Corner Shelves

Corner shelves look cool but can be a bit of pain when it comes to organizing and finding what you’re looking for. Lazy susans or turntables, as they’re now more commonly called, are the perfect solution.

Interior Lighting

What good is an organized pantry if you can’t see what’s in it? Combat shadows from cabinet doors with stylish lighting.

Cookbook Shelf

If you don’t have a stack of Belle’s Best or other cookbooks, you probably don’t need much of a pantry. But if you’re a regular Rae Drummond in the kitchen, you want your cookbooks to be nearby and neatly organized for quick meal ideas.

McCarley Cabinets can implement these and other pantry organization and beautification ideas into your kitchen design to give you a pantry that will make your friends and family say, “Joanna, who? She has nothing on your pantry!” Dial 662-728-1533 to get started on your kitchen renovation project today.

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