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The Most Memorable Home Trends of the 2010s

A lot has happened in the last decade in the world of interior design and decor. For one, McCarley Cabinets was established in 2014 when we purchased the business formerly known as Huddleston Cabinets, and we’ve been creating dream custom kitchens in homes all over North Mississippi since! In addition to our burst on the interior design scene, the 2010s saw some pretty memorable home design and decor trends. Take a look at the trends we couldn’t forget if we tried.

Blinded by the White

The white monochrome kitchen was the mecca of all kitchen trends. Though white cabinets have always been a classic choice for kitchens, homeowners took their love for all things white to a new level during this decade. From white marble floors to white quartz countertops to white subway tiles, homeowners fell in love with the luxurious, pristine appeal of an all-white kitchen.

Barn Doors, Distressed Furniture, and Shiplap, Oh My!

We blame Joanna Gaines for the overload of shiplap and everything farmhouse movement. We blame her...but we also loved her for it, too. And even if we all took the farmhouse trend a bit too far here in the South it’s only because the decor helped us feel more connected to the old farmhouses our grandparents grew up in. We hope shiplap will find a way to stick around in the next decade, but we’re not sorry to say goodbye to other farmhouse trends like painted floors.

Why Don’t You Gray

Your kitchen might be all-white, but if you’re truly a 2010s home decor maven, then your walls are covered in shades like “Neutral Gray” or “Glacier Gray”. While neutrals like greys and whites are perfect for those who flip houses or own rentals, the new decade will see homeowners return to more color and personalization in their home decor choices.

Say it, then Paint it.

Perhaps one of the more cringe-worthy home decor trends is the overkill of “word art” that took over nearly every wall in trendy homes. An occasional piece with a witty or inspirational quote is one thing but a gallery of word art is simply going too far. We’re not sad to see this trend take a backseat in the years to come.

Charlie Brown Called, He Wants his Chevron Back.

Tying for first place in cringe-worthy home decor trends with word art is the chevron stripe which showed up everywhere in the 2010s. Luckily, this strange obsession seems to be dying, and we’re not the least bit sad to see it go.

Factory Settings

Mid-century modern furniture, Edison bulbs, brick walls in the kitchen and mixed metals all set the scene for the industrial modern movement that took over homes not bitten by the farmhouse bug. If you grew up watching cool rocker chicks dance around in an abandoned warehouse in 90s music videos, you probably liked the industrial modern trend.

Everyone Wants a Chef’s Kitchen

Kitchens flushed with professional-grade appliances, huge side-by-side fridges, and smart technology are currently everywhere, even in the homes of owners who don’t even know how to boil water. While we absolutely love a high-end kitchen (it’s literally our thing), we also love designing kitchens that are functional for the homeowner’s needs and feel like the heart of the home.

The Return of the McMansion

The 2010s saw a resurgence of larger than life homes that hold more space than any typical family could ever need. These homes are beautiful and fun to explore but they’re also 2-3 times the cost of homes half their size. As today’s homeowners look for ways to save money, we expect many of these McMansions to be sold in favor of something smaller and easier to maintain.

“We’re Gonna Open the Wall Between the Living Room and Kitchen.”

Open concept first became a thing in the 80s and 90s, but we took it to an extreme during the last decade. Formal dining rooms were tossed out with the trash in favor of large, open eat-in kitchens that overlook the family or living room. We would like to see eat-in kitchens remain a long as the formal dining room makes a comeback.

After reviewing all of these trends for this article, it’s safe to say the 2010s were one for the books in terms of the impact these home trends have had and will have on the way we design and decorate houses. We can’t wait to see what the new roaring 20s will have in store!

If you’re ready to kick off the new decade with a new kitchen or bath, give McCarley Cabinets a call. We work with the area’s top interior designers to ensure the renovation you’re getting will be in style for years to come. Get started today with a free project estimate.

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