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2020 Southern Design Trends

Design trends come and go but the latest trends happening in 2020, like the ones detailed in a recent Southern Living blog, are ones we hope will stick around for a while. If we had to choose one word to describe the overall theme of this year's rising trends it would be bold. From "anything but white" kitchens to statement powder rooms and laundry rooms (yes, we said statement laundry rooms), it’s clear that today's homeowners are tired of the nothin’ but neutral look of the 2010s. Here's a quick rundown of what's hot in home design, according to the South's most beloved magazine, Southern Living.

Say goodbye to all-white kitchens...for now.

Homeowners are hungry for color although many are still sticking to lighter hues like light gray and blue. Greens and pops of wood are also popular choices. Wood is particularly popular for homeowners who love white cabinets but need something more--like a little texture--in their kitchen. White and wood complement each other so well, and there's still room to add a little blue or green to the walls.

Say hello again to the formal dining room.

We're still designing our fair share of eat-in kitchens, but more and more homeowners across the U.S. are bringing the formal dining room back into the equation. These aren't your grandma's traditional dining rooms clad with white walls, mahogany furniture, and Oriental rugs. Today's dining rooms scream for attention with bold wall colors, stunning artwork, and statement lighting.

Bathrooms that wow.

Okay, so today's bathrooms have been wow-worthy for awhile now thanks to sleek, modern showers, deep-soak tubs, and smart technology. But 2020's bathrooms also come with additional bathroom seating like vanity benches or stools and window seats, tiled bathroom aprons and double floating vanities.

Statement laundry rooms

We're talking themed wallpaper, bright, cheery colors on the walls and cabinets, chalkboard walls, and creative storage solutions.

Powder rooms that pop!

Powder rooms wrapped in bold wallpaper like large print or textured grasscloth and accessorized with glitzy mirrors are the name of the game.

Wood Range Hood Covers

One of the most popular ways homeowners are adding those pops of wood into their kitchens is over the range hood vents.

Get more details on these latest design trends by clicking here.

Ready to bring your kitchen, bath or laundry room into the new decade? Contact McCarley Cabinets today to request your free project estimate.

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