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Why You Need a Dedicated Laundry Room Instead of Laundry Closet

For decades, the laundry area of the home was probably the least-considered room when it comes to design and space. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, duplex, small or older home, your “laundry room” was most likely a closet located in the bathroom, hallway, or kitchen with washer and dryer hookups and maybe a storage cabinet above if you were lucky. Maybe this is your current situation and for the most part, you think you’re okay with it. But we’ve got a few great reasons why you should add a fully dedicated laundry room to your upcoming home renovation plans.

A laundry room increases home value.

Today’s homeowners are all about luxury and good storage and organization in their homes. That includes a fully dedicated laundry room with its own four walls and a door. Though we have seen a few homeowners add a washer and dryer to their walk-in closet, most homeowners still want to keep their laundry separate from their clean clothes space and all the other spaces in the home, for that matter.

Laundry rooms are more efficient than closets or hallways.

A well-designed laundry room has ample storage space with built-in cabinets, a dedicated area for laundry baskets, and a counter for folding and sorting. You’ll also have room for added perks like a laundry sink, built-in ironing board and, for pet lovers, room to put in a doggy bath. If you’re a seamstress, the laundry room is a great place for a built-in sewing machine desk and the storage space is perfect for your sewing necessities.

Laundry rooms help you contain the mess of clothes, towels, and other laundry whatnots to one room instead of exploding all over the home. Here you can wash, dry, iron, fold, hang and just about everything but put away the clothing itself. The storage space is also great for those lesser-used or seasonal laundry items like beach towels, fleece sheets, and table linens.

Great laundry rooms are also about location, location, location.

Where you put your laundry room is as important as how the room itself is designed. The best areas of the home to place the laundry room are above, near, or below the kitchen or a bathroom. Why? Because the main water supply lines and drainage system are already located there which makes it easier for adding lines for the washer. These areas are also considered “work areas” of the home rather than quiet areas. You definitely don’t want to place the laundry room off the living room where the sounds of the machines can drown out the noise in spaces nearby.

Tired of your current laundry situation? Contact McCarley Cabinets Monday through Friday at 662-728-1533 for a remote consultation about your dream laundry room and a free project estimate.

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