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Do's and Don't's of Displaying Artwork at Home

displaying artwork dos and donts mccarley cabinets

Art expresses who we are and it’s a crucial element of interior decorating. Learn how to show off the art you love in your home like a pro and avoid ugly decorating mistakes with our list of do’s and don’t’s of displaying artwork.

Don’t hang art too high.

Nothing throws a wall display off-balance like artwork that is hung too high. The key thing to remember when hanging art or photos is that it needs to be at eye level. The exceptions to this are when you’re adding a piece to a gallery wall or trying to reign in the towering effect of large, cavernous rooms with high walls.

Do leave negative space.

It’s actually not a good idea to fill every inch of wall space with art or wall decor. The walls will be so busy they may actually stress you out to look at them. Negative space adds just enough balance to keep the flow moving smoothly.

Don’t be too matchy with your art.

Want to make art look dull? Put all the same type, colors, or style in one area and see how long you last before you’re ready for something new. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Do create groupings and use a grid theme.

Display similar artworks such as themed photographs in groupings like a grid theme using plain black frames. Groupings allow for that much-needed negative space and keep art from overwhelming a space.

Don’t make a gallery wall spontaneously.

Listen, just because gallery walls look thrown together doesn’t mean they are. These displays are actually carefully crafted and curated with intention. Take your time and use tips like these from The Spruce to build your wall over time.

Do mix up frame styles.

Frames are not like shoes and belts. The colors and styles can be mixed up pretty much any way you want it and it still works. Think of choosing frames and displays as an artform in itself. After all, whatever you choose will either add to or take away from the artwork.

Don’t be afraid to layer it up!

Just because art is meant to be shown doesn’t mean it can’t be fringed by a carefully placed houseplant or offset by an accent chair, floor lamp, and throw blanket. Art doesn’t have to “stand alone” on a wall or in a corner. Let it mingle with the rest of your home!

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