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5 Bathroom Design Flaws to Avoid

Nothing ruins a new room space like a poor design. If you are remodeling a bathroom or making plans for your dream home, today’s blog is just for you. We’re taking a look at five design mistakes that can make you hate your bathroom.

Room Without a View

Unless you want your bathroom to feel and look dark and damp, include a window or skylight in your remodel plans. The absence of an outside view doesn’t just make the room dark and drab, the poor air circulation that comes with it literally makes the room damp. Skylights are a great solution if a window simply won’t work in your home’s design. Go for an operable skylight so you can enjoy the view and let fresh air in.

All Eyes on the Porcelain Throne

Think about it. Do you really want the toilet to be the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom? We recommend giving the toilet and shower their own room inside the bathroom. You won’t add a ton of space but you’ll more than makeup for that in the functionality you’ll gain. A private shower and toilet allow more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time. That means no more morning fights on who gets to use the bathroom first!

Ditch the Curb

More and more homeowners are including curbless showers in their home’s remodel plans. Curbless showers make bathrooms feel bigger and look cleaner. They’re also a common feature in homes with a universal or age-proofed design plan.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One of the worst design mistakes you can make when planning a bathroom is to place the bathroom in an area with a public view directly into the loo. Think about how uncomfortable and just plain odd it would be to have a bathroom door inside your dining room, living room, or kitchen. Public spaces in the home don’t call for a public view to the bathroom. Even if the bathroom actually does neighbor the kitchen, living room, or dining room, place the entry to the bathroom in a private area.

Bigger Doesn’t Equal Better

It’s easy to think that more space will solve the problem. But a bathroom that thrives is one that is designed with a focus on functionality rather than space. When you work with your interior designer to create your new bathroom, be sure that functionality is the center of your design.

Ready to remodel your bathroom? We want to be part of your plans! Get started today with a free project estimate.


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