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5 Bathroom Trends to Try in 2022

2022 is officially in full swing as we dive into the month of love. This year’s interior design trends are shaping up, and we are so excited about the bathroom design trends. From bringing the outdoors in to playing with bold color choices, today’s bathrooms offer more than just a place for handling your business. Homeowners show off their personality even in these most private spaces! Take a look at five bathroom trends to try in 2022.

Biophilic Design

If biophilic design sounds familiar, it’s because this trend had been simmering for a while, and we’ve discussed biophilic design before on our blog. Think more sunlight with large windows and a view of nature as opposed to the neighborhood, natural materials, botanical wallpaper, and an array of houseplants.

Perhaps homeowners being stuck indoors much more than usual during the pandemic contributes to this trend’s popularity. The urge to get outdoors and embrace nature has been stronger than ever thanks to those months we didn’t leave our houses. And since a secluded nature walk or hike remains one of the few activities considered safe during the pandemic, more people have an appreciation for the great outdoors than ever before.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Bold color is a trend we are seeing throughout the entire home. Bathrooms, in particular, are a popular choice for homeowners who want to experiment with bold colors and patterns but aren’t ready to commit a living room or kitchen to it. You can even combine this trend with a biophilic design by choosing a bold botanical wallpaper. Not ready to go bold on your walls? Try a bold color choice for your custom McCarley Cabinets vanity!

Patterned Tile

Bold is the word of the day when it comes to this year’s bathroom trends. Along with paint and wallpaper, more homeowners are making a statement with bold and bright patterned tile. Give your vanity a cool backsplash or make your shower walls the feature of your bathroom with a fun and unique patterned tile.

Old Meets New

We recently wrote about quality craftsmanship as a major design trend we want to see stick around for a long time. This trend makes its way into bathrooms as more and more homeowners pair high-quality antique furniture with modern tubs or vice versa--a vintage tub paired with modern cabinetry. Before you change your bathroom cabinets or tub, try this trend with your bathroom’s fixtures first. For instance, pair a modern faucet with a vintage-style sink or, again, vice versa! The great thing about this trend is that you can decide how and what combo works best for your bathroom.

Spa-like Serenity

No, we’re not referring to the town of Serenity in Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias series. We’re talking about actual serenity found in the quiet peacefulness of your master bathroom.

While some homeowners in 2022 choose bold and beautiful, others head in the opposite direction of the maximalist trend by pairing Japanese and Scandinavian design elements which both embrace minimalism and neutral colors. There’s even a fun, new word for this Japanese-Scandinavian design combination--Japandi! Go ahead. Say it again. Japandi!

Spa bathrooms focus on setting the mood. These designers prefer walk-in showers or wet rooms over the traditional shower cubicle or shower-tub combo. Elements of the spa bathroom trend include low lighting, neutral paint colors, clean lines, natural materials, luxurious tubs, and high-performance showers.

One thing we love about this year’s bathroom trends is that you can combine any or all five of these trends to create a bathroom that speaks to you. Ready to update your bathroom with a new vanity or shelving? We can help with that! Click here to get started with a free project quote.


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