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7 Ways to Try Trendy Paint Colors in Your Home

Trendy paint colors are super fun--until they’re not anymore and you’re stuck with an entire living room painted in Very Peri (2022’s Color of the Year) and it’s going to take an entire weekend to give it a facelift. This is why we suggest using trendy paint colors in smaller capacities if you want to stay on-trend in your home. Check out these seven ways you can try out trendy paint colors in your home.

A Hidden Accent Wall

Sure, you can be like everyone else and add a trendy paint color to an accent wall in your living room or dining room…or you can be unique and try out your paint color on a hidden accent wall such as the inner walls and shelves of your pantry. It’s a great way to make an otherwise boring pantry standout…but only when you open it, of course.

Bookcases or Shelves

Bookcases are one of our favorite ways to update a room and add valuable storage to the space. They are also a great place to try out trendy paint colors. If painting the entire bookcase still gives you a pause, consider just painting the inner walls of the shelves.


Transform old or boring headboards into a statement piece with a bold, trendy color. This is the perfect solution for your own room or for a teen or child who wants to update their room with a trendy color without taking on painting an entire room. Use the headboard as inspiration for other accent pieces for the room.

Old, Tired Furniture

Whether it’s a sturdy hand-me-down piece that’s still in good condition other than its appearance, or a beloved inherited piece of furniture that needs new life, nothing refreshes tired, outdated furniture like a fresh coat of paint! You can knock out this project (and most of the ones in today’s article) over the better part of an afternoon.

Front Door

Nearly every neighborhood has one. We’re talking about a house with a memorable front door that adds pizazz to their home and the entire neighborhood. Your house can easily become that home with the cool door with a quick paint job of today’s latest trendy color. Bonus: A uniquely painted door makes it easy for first-time visitors to your home to find you.

Picture Frames

Like old furniture, you can breathe new life into old picture frames with paint. If you’re really bold try creating a gallery wall with frames in a rainbow of colors!


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