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How to Mix Modern and Vintage Decor

Each month we’re taking a deeper dive into some of the year’s top interior design and decor trends. One of our favorite emerging trends is mixing modern and vintage decor, a trend built partly from a need to trim back decor budgets and also in part due to the long pandemic-related wait times for new furniture and appliances.

Like with just about everything else, homeowners have had to truly dig into their inner creative child to accommodate the decor and design challenges of the pandemic. With higher prices on everything from gas to milk, homeowners are trying to trim their budgets where possible while also updating their homes to meet the demands of families that are home for work and school.

An Eclectic Mix

A few short years ago, minimalism appeared to be taking over everywhere. But a need for coziness and something a bit more appealing to the eye has seen that trend give way to more eclectic trends like mixing modern and vintage pieces. So how do you embrace this trend in your home without making a mess? It’s all in the planning and backdrop.

Before you start swapping out pieces of furniture, think about the style and appearance you’re going for. Believe it or not, mixing modern and vintage can fit into a variety of different interior styles. Pick pieces from both periods that fit your style preferences.

Color setting is very important as it will serve as your backdrop. Neutrals work really well for showing off blended decor and that includes muted shades of blue and green, two of the year’s most popular color choices. Raw elements like exposed brick, elegantly styled fireplaces, and textural wall finishes are just a few ways to create your setting.

Rugs and artwork are perfect for tying the room together. Consider using a vintage frame on a contemporary art piece, or pair an antique oriental rug layered with a new rug. Your accessories will help your interior decor flow together.

Be careful when adding your vintage pieces to a room. Overwhelming the room with too many vintage items will create chaos instead of comfort. Vintage pairs best with smooth lines, unblemished surfaces, and silky textures.

Don’t want a traditional kitchen island? Consider a beautiful vintage table instead, one that blends with the overall style of the room. You can also instantly add storage and interest to your kitchen or even dining room with a repurposed Hoover cabinet.

For more styling tips, tune in each week for a new blog on all things cabinetry and home interior.


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