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Introducing McCarley Cabinets' New Interior Designer Kristi McPherson

We’ve recently added a new interior designer to the McCarley Cabinets family. We’re so excited about her, we had to introduce her. Today we are introducing Kristi McPherson. Before joining us, Kristi was the designer for Premier Countertops for six years. Kristi was ready for a change and a new challenge and when the opportunity at McCarley Cabinets materialized, she knew it was just what she was looking for.

When Kristi isn’t helping clients pick out cabinets and design their home, she’s giving quotes and drawing up projects. So far, her favorite job has been for a client in Tupelo. They completed the remodel job in phases but together she and the client figured out how to tie everything together. The reason she had so much fun with this client? He was hilarious and enjoyable to work with, which makes a significant difference when working with clients.

Kristi says her favorite part of the project is the end when she can see how all the small decisions made along the way come together to make a beautiful home. When it comes to choosing your style, she suggests sticking with classics rather than trends on expensive items so you’re not spending the money again in a few years.

If she were going to build a new home, Kristi says she would use Euro style cabinets for the clean lines and add a garbage pull for her "extra" feature. When it comes to her own home she also sticks to classics and adds a pop of color with accent pieces.

When Kristi isn’t at work, she’s soaking up all the time she can with her 8-month-old daughter, Hollis. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Patrick, their pup Anna, and their family cats, Gabbi, Roscoe, and Gizelle.

When you’re ready to build your home or schedule the remodel you’ve been dreaming about, you want cabinets you’ll love. Adding Kristi to our staff means we offer even more expertise for every stage of your project.


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