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Six Design Elements of a Spa Bathroom

Spa bathrooms are all the rage right now and for good reason. A spa bath gives you that luxurious comfort typically reserved for an expensive spa right inside your home. With more people spending time at home than ever before, making the rooms in your home a space you don’t want to leave is essential. You can turn your bathroom into a spa oasis with these simple design elements.

Rain bath

One quick way to instantly add more luxury to your bathroom is to head to the home improvement store and pick up a rain bath showerhead. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your bathroom’s style.

Natural materials

Think teak, bamboo, stone. If you’re thinking bigger than

adding a stone zen garden, consider adding stone tile to your backsplash. Bamboo flooring is also a beautiful addition. If you’re not ready for renovations, try adding some accessories made from natural materials.

Heat things up

Again, if you’re in the mood for a small renovation, you can change things up in a big way with heated flooring. Imagine stepping from the shower onto a warm floor during cold mornings or not freezing your tippy-toes when nature calls in the middle of the night. Sounds nice, right? But if heated floors are a plan for later on, you can still warm things up by adding a towel warmer to the equation. We won’t tell you where to shop, but we will say they are available at all of the major online retailers for a variety of pricing options and designs. Think a towel warmer won’t change your life? Remember that next time you stay in the shower too long and the water begins to run cold. Dreaming of a towel warmer now? Yeah. We thought so.

Sound all around you

You know when you go to the movies and just before the movie begins, you hear a whispered voice through the speakers whispering, “All around you!” That’s an advertisement for the Dolby surround sound you’re hearing throughout the movie. Surround sound isn’t just for the movies (or home theater)! Soothing music or nature sounds help establish the ambiance of spas which is why it’s rare to go into one that doesn’t have something playing through an invisible speaker. Today’s homeowners are adding home surround sound systems to their master baths so they can truly set the tone for their home oasis.

Mood lighting

You didn’t think we would talk about design elements without bringing up lighting, did you? We may be a cabinet company but we know that great lighting is what spotlights our cabinet designs. Consider adding color LED bulbs like the GE LED + Color bulbs. They’re remote-controlled bulbs with ten different color settings including two white settings so you can set the lighting to match your mood. Other ways to add more luxurious lighting to your bathroom is with undercabinet lighting on your vanity, ambient lighting such as sconces in the corners and around the vanity, and by setting the mood with new lighting for your vanity.

Comforting touches

Accessories are our favorite design element because you can literally change the entire setting of a room by changing out your accessories. When you’re accessorizing a spa bath, think comfort and peace. A tub caddy or a shower seat are nice additions that add storage and comfort. A tub caddy is a tray made to lay over a tub meant to hold your tablet or phone so you can enjoy a little screen time in the most private room in the home. Biophilic accessories like houseplants are also a popular choice for spa baths. Don’t forget to stop by your favorite soap and bath store to pick up bath salts and bath bombs. Aromatherapy is a must-have for any spa bath.


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