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Small Closet Ideas for Your Home

If you’ve ever lived in a home with limited closet space, you know just how important they are to the functionality of your home. In fact, one might say you can never have too many closets in your home...but they don’t all need to be the size of your master closet. Small closets may not be large enough to hold luxury items like a closet island (think kitchen island but for jewelry, folded shirts, and other wardrobe items), but that doesn’t mean they’re short on functionality and versatility. Take a look at our favorite ways to make use of the small closets in your home.

Coat Closet

If you’ve got a small closet near an entryway or in a first-floor hallway, this is the perfect place to store your family’s plethora of coats and seasonal weather gear. Even if you have a mudroom for the season’s current weather needs, you may need more storage for those extra essentials. Add door hooks, shelving, and racks to organize hats, coats, and scarves.

Linen Closet

You never know how vital a linen closet is until you move into a home with little to no storage space in the bathrooms. Linen closets are the perfect spots to easily store extra towels, blankets, and sheets. Shelves can easily be added to separate storage space for each type of linen. You can even add hooks to store extra robes.

Off-Season Clothing/Sweater Closet

No one understands the importance of an extra small closet like a homeowner with too many sweaters. We know of a mom who had so many sweaters, she filled up her master closet and a small hall closet with her collection of cold weather essentials. If your small closet is holding extra clothing for more than one sweater lover in your home, Rev-a-shelf offers a variety of clothing organizers to fit any size closet.

Utility Closet

A small closet in a central area of the home is the perfect space for storing cleaning supplies and interior home tools and essentials like flashlights, screwdrivers, and duct tape. It’s also a great storage space for extra paper products. Tuck your broom, vacuum cleaner, and dust mop safely out of the way and keep the closet organized with pegboards and other organization accessories like these from Rev-a-shelf.

Crafting Closet

If you’re a master crafter or a homeowner with kids, chances are you have at least a small stock of crafting supplies that need permanent, out-of-the-way home. With the right organization, that additional hall closet could be just the right space for everything from wrapping paper and tape to paint supplies, construction paper, and your collection of assorted colored pipe cleaners.

Multipurpose Closet

Only have one small closet for all those additional storage items? We’ve said it once and now we’ll say it again. With the right organization accessories or shelving, you can still make the most out of the one closet’s storage space. Shelving can divide a single closet into individually organized sections for cleaning and utility supplies, crafting and wrapping gear, and even a space for extra linens.

Looking to add additional storage space with your new home build or upcoming renovation? The experts at McCarley Cabinets can create beautifully designed and organized closets to fit the unique needs of your home and family. Learn more about us and get a free project estimate by dialing 662-728-1533.


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