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Setting Your Style: Flooring Choices

Carpet? Hardwood? Ceramic? Laminate? As a homeowner, making the right flooring selection for your home can be a difficult task. The process of making this choice revolves around style, functionality, and personal taste. As a general rule, we suggest homeowners make their flooring choices prior to making firm decisions about cabinetry. As you get started on your remodeling or building project, ask yourself these questions to help you make the right choice for your family.

Which Room Is The Surface Being Installed In?

One of the first questions that should be considered is “What room is the surface going to be put in?” In a bedroom, for instance, the comfortability and affordability of carpet makes it a popular choice. On the other hand, carpet is not usually an appropriate choice in a bathroom for obvious reasons. With the potential for substantial moisture contact with the flooring, ceramic tile or laminate might be a more reasonable option. In general, areas like living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are likely to have carpet, linoleum, and hardwood surfaces while kitchens, bathrooms, and wash rooms are likely to have ceramic tile or linoleum surfaces, but hardwood is not out of the question. Aside from the issue of practicality, other textures and colors in the room should be considered. For instance, when designing a kitchen, it is important to consider what kind of flooring material will complement your cabinetry as well as countertops or backsplashes. The flooring should provide contrast for the cabinets, but should have some similarity to the countertops to maintain harmony between the horizontal elements. However, the flooring should not be the exact same color and material as the countertops as that can appear busy.

What Is Your Budget?

Regardless of your own style and personal preference, your budget can sometimes make the right flooring choice for you. While hardwood may be your first choice, laminate offers some of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. Other affordable options include carpet, ceramic flooring that has the appearance of other materials such as wood, and refinishing an existing hardwood surface, if possible. Some flooring has more long-term cost even if it is budget-friendly on the front end. If you have pets or small children, carpet might need to be professionally cleaned regularly, and possibly replaced after several years or before selling the home.

What Is Your Style?

Floors set the tone for each room. If you are going for a farmhouse or classic look, hardwood floors should be your first choice. If you enjoy clean lines, consider tile. If you are looking for soft textures and a cozy atmosphere, carpet might be for you. It’s important to visualize your decor style and choose a material that complements it, a secondary material can be chosen for bedrooms or bathrooms if needed. Lifestyle should also be taken into account. Hard surfaces are more suitable for parents and pet owners as they are easier to clean. Families with allergies should also avoid carpets, which harbor bacteria and allergens.

The bottom line is this: there are many questions you should ask yourself before choosing flooring for your home. Your lifestyle, style preferences, budget, and complementing decor should be deciding factors. Dividing up the decision into high-traffic and low-traffic areas can be helpful. Take one room at a time and decide what your primary floor covering should be and if you would like to continue that into all your spaces. The key to continuing to love your floors for years to come is upkeep. Taking care of your floors will keep your home looking clean and comfortable.

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