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The Latest Trends and Technology in Luxury Master Bathrooms

On average, people spend a year and a half of their lives in the bathroom. Its a necessary component of any home, and one of the first spaces we choose to add a touch of luxury. For a five-star hotel experience in your home, consider these tips:

Go Monochrome

For a modern look that can withstand the test of time, keep it simple with black or white. In this case, marble is a neutral. Put it in the shower, on the countertops, on the tub and the walls.

Turn up the Heat

Every dream bathroom includes heated tile floors. Take it up a notch with a heated bench in the shower or a ventless fireplace. You might never leave.

Shower Updates

Adding a tub inside the shower adds luxury and a modern aesthetic. A quality shower head is a must-have. To keep the sleek look, pour your products into streamlined plastic or glass bottles.

Tailor made Storage Solutions

Invest in quality furniture for storing your linens and toiletries. They should be tucked away, but still easy to get to. Create a color scheme for your linens and stick firmly to it. Create a space for everything, even toilet tissue and mouthwash bottles. To keep your products tidy and accessible, spring for a lazy susan or organizers built into your drawers.

Add Technology

Have you ever wanted to binge-watch your favorite show while soaking in the tub? That dream can be a reality. Many remodels are now featuring hidden television screens and speakers.

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