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Six Tips for Your Dream Pool House Design

When adding a swimming pool to your outdoor space, sometimes all of your focus goes into designing your pool, with the pool house becoming more of an afterthought. But in order to create that perfect backyard oasis, your pool house design should be a high priority. A finely designed pool house can double as a guest house, entertainment space, or even a backyard hideaway for those moments when you just need a little peace and quiet. Check out these six tips for designing your dream pool house:

Incorporate Built-ins for Maximum Storage

Most pool houses are small buildings with one open area and a bathroom. By adding built-in cabinets, you are able to maximize your storage space and make the most of your pool house. Built-ins are perfect for storing beach towels, swimsuits, and things like blankets and bedsheets if your pool house doubles as a guest house.

Add a Kitchenette

Even if you don’t plan to use the pool house for overnight guest space, incorporating a small kitchenette area into your pool design keeps the party poolside. Your kitchenette doesn’t need to be fancy--simply adding a small counter space and built-in cabinets for small kitchen appliances and food storage is all you need. Drop in a mini-fridge for drinks and poolside-friendly cold foods like deli meat and fruit.

Go for a Full Bathroom

Adding a full bathroom gives you and your guests a private area to shower and change without needing to enter your home. This keeps your home private, especially for those times when your pool party guest list includes casual acquaintances that may feel uncomfortable going inside your house. Be sure to incorporate built-in cabinets and shelves for towels, extra clothing storage, and toiletry items.

Consider a Laundry Nook

If your pool house will double as a guest house, adding a small area for a stackable washer-dryer combo provides convenience and more privacy for both you and your guests. Plus, it’s perfect for those days when pool house laundry has piled up and you don’t want to trek from your home to the pool house with a load of laundry.

Functional Furniture is Best

Go for comfy couches with pull-out beds, and add a small island or bar to separate your kitchenette from your living area. Don’t overpower the space with too many bulky decorative accessories. Add a cocktail or pub table, along with a side table or two that adds convenience and promotes entertainment.

Plan an Outdoor Space

A covered patio right outside the pool house filled with comfy tables and outdoor seating, and maybe a firepit or grill, provides another entertainment area for your guests.

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