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How to Choose the Perfect Showerhead Part Two: Types of Showerheads

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In part one of our “Choosing the Perfect Showerhead’ series, we discussed factors and considerations to take in mind when selecting a new showerhead during a renovation or remodel. As we continue the series with part two, we will discuss the various types of showerheads and factors you should know when choosing the right type for your household.

Fixed or Standard Showerheads

Fixed or standard showerheads work with your existing plumbing which can help save money and keep you within your renovation budget. Fixed showerheads are attached to the shower arm that comes out of the wall into the shower. In addition to saving money by being able to use existing plumbing with standard showerheads, you can get just about any type of head you want with a fixed showerhead including massage, rain, and water-saving heads. The prices of fixed showerheads are easy on your pockets as well with prices starting at around $2.

Handheld Showerheads

Like fixed showerheads, most handheld showerheads work with your existing plumbing. Handheld showerheads are great for family bathrooms, especially if you have young children or pets. They also work great for cleaning your shower or tub, and with prices beginning at around $37, you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

Slide Bar Showerheads

A slide bar showerhead is a type of handheld showerhead that is mounted to the shower wall and can easily adjust to different heights. Like other handheld showerheads, the adjustable height option makes slide bar showerheads ideal for families. Additionally, slide bar showerheads are great for those showers where you just don’t want to get your hair wet.

Dual Showerheads

Dual showerheads are a great solution if you can’t decide between a fixed or handheld. One showerhead is fixed while the other is handheld, combining the best of both worlds. There are various types of dual showerheads including integrated showerheads, in which it appears as one showerhead with a detachable center piece.

Rain or Top Mount Showerheads

Rain and top mount showerheads work best with a new home or major renovation and require plenty of water pressure. These types of showerheads are a great solution for showers with low ceilings, however they are a bit pricier than other showerheads with prices beginning around $500.

Body Spray Systems

Body spray systems are a great way to take your shower from ordinary to total spa experience. Incorporating these systems work best for major renos or new builds because the special valves and spray bodies used with the systems must be installed inside the wall. Body sprayers can be turned with a showerhead or work independently. Like rain showerheads, body spray systems are priced higher than standard, handheld, or dual showerheads and cost around $500 and up.

This concludes our two-part series on choosing the perfect showerhead. We hope this series made at least one bathroom renovation decision a little bit easier. For more information on bathroom renos and to get a free quote for your project, contact us at 662-728-1533.

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