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Things to Remember in Designing Your Dream Master Closet

Thinking about remodeling your master closet but don’t know where to start? Have no fear, we’re here to help! Before contacting us to help you with your master closet reno, take a look at these important factors to remember when designing your closet.

It’s All About the Clothes

Since your closet will be housing your clothing, your design should be largely based around your clothes. From dimensions to types of clothing, you want to make sure every detail is designed to provide plenty of room to house your clothing without protrusion or loss of walking/floor space.

To make this step a little bit easier, consider these factors first.

  • The depth range for most closet cabinets and panels is between 14 to 24 inches and allows plenty of space for most types of clothing, including jackets and coats.

  • Different types of clothing need different ranges of space. For instance, folded shirts and sweaters typically require between 9-15 inches of linear space. Coats need around 68 inches in vertical space, while pants and jeans are good with 50 inches of vertical space. Skirts need even less vertical space, usually fitting within 45 inches.

  • Include enough space for double-hang and single-hang sections. Single-hang spaces are for longer items like dresses and dress coats, and tend to be mainly utilized by women. Double-hang spaces are perfect for shirts and pants that need to be stored hanging up.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner...

But storing clothing there is perfectly acceptable! If you have the space, include corner shelves to maximize your space. These shelves could be used for hanging clothing or storing items such as suitcases. If you don’t have enough space for a full corner shelf, allow the panel to overlap the adjacent wall. Though it’s not ideal for easy access, a space like this is perfect for storing items you don’t use often, like a heavy winter coat (because you know, this is Mississippi).

Not for Kitchens Only

Islands are no longer reserved just for kitchens, and they are perfect for adding extra storage space as well as surface space to plan out your outfit. However, not every closet has sufficient space to house an island. If a closet island is a must for your dream design, be sure it’s built to allow at least 10-12 feet of linear space to allow for walkways and pull-out drawers.

After Shoe

For some of us, shoes are more important than our clothes. Take care of your shoes by adding shoe and boot racks to your closet. A pair of shoes requires between 7-12 inches of linear space to be comfortable while you should allow up to 17 inches of vertical space for boots.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Including your jewelry, hats, and scarves in your closet design is just as important as planning enough space for your clothes. Include a built-in wall rack for accessories and a jewelry tray inside a pull-out drawer. Islands are perfect for storing these types of items.

Ready to get started in designing your dream master closet? Let the experts at McCarley Cabinets help. Click here to get your free quote today!

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