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Why Now is the Time to Begin Planning Your 2018 New Home Build

mccarley cabinets new home build planning

Building a new home is exciting and a dream come true for many homeowners. If a new home construction is on your list of make-it-happens in 2018, pay attention to today’s blog for tips to help make your dream a reality.

Late Spring is the Season for Building

For those of us in the deep South, late spring--late May or early June--is the ideal time of year to begin building a new construction. During this period, the showers of early spring have all but dissipated, which means your slab will not see more water than necessary nor will the slab be poured during extreme temperatures. Late spring weather also provides nearly perfect weather for framers to perform their best work in a timely fashion. Plus, beginning your build during late spring ensures your house will be dry--meaning the exterior of the home is covered and has a roof-- by the time cold weather sets in again.

new home build mccarley cabinets best time to build

Winter is Prime for Planning and Purchasing

Planning your dream home takes more than a day or even a week’s work. It can take weeks to find the right designer and contractor for your project and perhaps months to get your home’s design just right. If you hope to begin construction on your new home by the ideal late spring time period, there’s no better time than early winter to begin planning.

If an ideal timeline for your new build isn’t enough to convince you to begin your plans now, perhaps your budget will. Because new construction tends to decrease during the cold months, the cost of building parts and materials also goes down. Consult with your contractor to find out what materials you can go ahead and purchase while prices are lower.

planning new home build mccarley cabinets

Time Allows Change

If you’ve been involved with a previous renovation or construction project, you know that changes to the plan are inevitable. One minute you’re loving the idea of a farmhouse styled home, the next you’re jumping aboard the transitional train. Changes are to be expected with any type of construction and allowing yourself ample time to plan for these changes can help keep your construction timeline on track.

If you’re planning a new home construction in 2018, McCarley Cabinets wants to be part of your plans. We’ll work with you and your contractor to give you the home of your dreams. Call us now to get started with a free quote.

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