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Farmhouse Sink Options: Part Two-The Details

In part one of our Farmhouse Sink Options series, we looked at various material choices for these timeless and increasingly popular sinks. Choosing the right farmhouse (or apron-front, depending on who you ask) sink for your dream kitchen doesn’t stop at selecting the right material. Part two of our series kicks off with insight on everything from mounts to fixtures.


Undermount is one of the most popular installation choices for farmhouse sinks. With an undermount installation, sinks are undermounted on three sides--the back, left, and right sides--leaving the front side exposed. Hence, the nickname apron-front sink.

mccarley cabinets farmhouse sink undermount ferguson

(Photo by Ferguson Showrooms)

Flush mount is another common choice among farmhouse sink owners. In flush mount installations, sinks appear to flow right into the countertop for a seamless appearance. Lovers of the modern look often find flush mount farmhouse sinks to have just the right amount of character with the smooth finish modernists love.

mccarley cabinets flush mount farmhouse sink

(Photo by Ferguson Showrooms)

Another installation option is a drop-in mount. This style is popular among traditionalists, but drop-in farmhouse sinks must be overmounted and carry the possibility of attracting dirt in the seam.

mccarley cabinets farmhouse sink drop in mount ferguson

(Photo by Ferguson Showrooms)


White is no longer the only color option. Like material options, shade choices for farmhouse sinks have seen a major upgrade since their emergence in Belfast and London in the late 17th century. Now you can choose just about any shade you want.

Click the gallery for a look at our favorite shades

Cast iron and fireclay sinks are now available in fun shades like pale yellow and turquoise as well as more serious colors like sapphire blue, matte black, bisque, and terra cotta. Copper sinks can be patinated for different tones of copper while stone, marble, and concrete sinks make for a unique look.

For a style that’s truly unique, consider choosing a sink with an embellished apron. Embellished farmhouse sink are available in all materials and shades, and they’re quickly becoming a hot trend among home enthusiasts. If you’re unsure what style is right for you, check out reversible farmhouse sinks. These sinks are designed to fit flush with your counters on one side or with different style corners on the other. You get to decide which side flows better with your kitchen.


Most farmhouse sinks are not designed with a hole for the faucet, which is one downside to trying to add an apron-front sink to existing kitchen counters and cabinets. In new builds and renos, adding a farmhouse sink to the plan is simple enough because your cabinet designer can plan and design your new cabinetry and countertops to fit your farmhouse sink. This is why basing your entire kitchen design around a sink choice is not totally crazy--it’s actually sensible.

Some traditionalists love the classic look of traditional faucets with white porcelain handles while others think bridge faucets are more reminiscent to the early days of the farmhouse sink. Romantics are fans of European and Old World style faucets, which are similar to traditional faucets only they may come in oil rubbed copper or brass shades.

Restaurant style or pull down taps have seen a rise in popularity since the farmhouse sink revival kicked off. These styles of faucets are designed with hoses which are ideal for the large basins of a farmhouse sink. Modernists find the sleek style of these faucets appealing and a fresh detour from the rustic and traditional styles more commonly used with apron-front sinks.

As you can tell, farmhouse sink options are nearly endless and it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice in home redesigns and new builds. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the choices available but having a trusted cabinet builder to consult can help simplify your decisions. McCarley Cabinets wants to be the trusted designer for your dream kitchen. Get started with by requesting your free quote today.

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