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How to Get Reorganized for the New Year

A new year is here, along with all of its resolutions and hope for the months to come. Reorganizing the home is a task often at the top of new year’s resolution lists, but like other resolutions (ahem, dieting), we don’t always know where to begin tackling this goal. In today’s blog, we’ve gathered the best organization tips from our favorite home expert blogs to help you get started.

Step One: Analyze This and That

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Before you tackle a mess, you should know what the mess is and how it got there. The Spruce recommends analyzing each room for problem areas and jotting them down. Then, before you begin remedying the problems, figure out why the problems developed in the first place. Are the problems due to lack of storage solutions? Sloppy housemates? Laziness or lack of care? Inability to get rid of your Southern Living magazines dating back to 1989? Once you’ve established the problems and where they began you can develop their solutions. Don’t forget to analyze areas like junk drawers, closets, and your bath and laundry rooms.

Step Two: Establish Solutions

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Starting at the top of the list and working your way down, brainstorm solutions for each problem area and then write them down as well. Tackling one problem at a time keeps away anxious and overwhelming feelings that can stop organization attempts dead in their tracks. Once you’ve decided how you’re going to resolve problem areas, make another list of any storage or organization supplies you need for each area (think storage bins, drawer organizers, donation boxes, trash bags, etc). Next, gather all of your supplies. You can save money by utilizing items you already have in your home. For instance, if you’ve got a plethora of plastic food storage containers, you probably have way more than you’ll ever need in your kitchen so why not repurpose them for other rooms in your home? After you’ve combed the house for possible storage solutions, make a shopping list of everything else you need and hit the store. Having everything you need when you begin organizing makes the task a bit less daunting. If you’re not sure where to begin shopping for storage and organization tools, we suggest starting with Rev-a-Shelf. They’ve got everything from drawer organizers for every room in the house to tie butlers that can be used to hang hats, belts, and scarves in addition to ties. You can read about our favorite Rev-a-Shelf storage solutions here and here.

Step Three: Declutter Each Space

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Pick a room and get to work decluttering. Sounds easy, right? Actually, the decluttering stage is where things get tricky. Decluttering is really just a nice way of saying “get rid of all your junk.” Unfortunately, some of that “junk” can be quite meaningful to us, making it harder to throw out. You may need reinforcements to help you get through this stage. Call in a friend or relative who can help you see Grandma’s now-broken china set for what it is--trash. Once you’ve decluttered, the next steps come much easier.

Step Four: Organize It, Organize It All!

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And we mean organize every last bit of it, even your junk drawers. Give each item in your house a home and place those items where you’ll use them the most.You may not be the type who wants their books shelved in A-Z order but finding a shelf in the kitchen for cookbooks means you may actually use them to find a recipe one day.

Step Five: Keep it Organized!

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Steps 1-4 are a waste of time if you don’t follow step five. Be intentional in your efforts and establish new routines with your family or housemates to make sure your home stays organized. Have everyone in your home help you perform a quick sweep each morning of every room you’ve used to put items you’ve used back where in their home and repeat this routine each night. Keep your kitchen and bathroom organized by cleaning it up and putting things away after each use. Your home will stay organized and cleaning day will be cut in half by these efforts.

Is your home lacking in storage options, particularly in your kitchen and bathroom? We can build cabinets with custom organization solutions made by Rev-a-Shelf. Contact us to learn more!

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