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Our Favorite Products Spotlight: LG Viatera Quartz

Today we’re taking a look at LG’s Viatera® quartz surfaces, one of the newest products we offer at McCarley Cabinets. Viatera’s innovative, long-lasting, low maintenance materials are non-porous with no crevices or surface irregularities, which is why their countertops are among our favorite new products. Here’s a few quick facts and images from LG’s Viatera® inspiration gallery.

  • Viatera® surfaces are made with 93% quartz giving them unmatched strength and durability, and are approximately 24% larger than standard slabs which means they can accommodate larger layouts including large kitchen islands with fewer seams.

  • There are four Viatera® collections, each comprised of natural earth tones and backed by a 15 year transferable warranty.

  • Viatera® countertops require no regular sealant or wax applications and can easily withstand contact with heat, chemicals and stains.

  • They’re eco-friendly. Viatera® surfaces are made using sustainable material and an “eco-friendly manufacturing process”, according to LG. This claim is backed by certifications from the National Sanitary Foundation and Greenguard.

  • They’re affordable. Now you can have the luxury of real quartz countertops without the expensive price.

  • Most Viatera® products are manufactured in the United States, which means your purchase supports working families in America.

Check out the image gallery below to view Viatera® quartz surfaces in action in real homes across the country.

To learn more about LG’s Viatera® quartz surfaces and other countertop surfaces offered at McCarley Cabinets, give us a call or visit us at our location in Booneville, MS.

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