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What Should Be Done in Your Home before New Cabinets are Installed

One of the most common questions we are asked when beginning a new kitchen or bath project is “when will the cabinets be installed?” Building cabinets typically takes around five to six weeks. During this time, a number of things should be completed in your home renovation or building project in order for your home to be ready for new cabinetry to be installed.

  • Drywall should be completely dried and walls should be primed and painted with 1-2 coats before installation. After the install, touch-ups and extra coats can be applied.

  • If your project is a total gut job or a new build, flooring installation will play a factor in when to install your cabinets. Hardwood and tile flooring should be installed before new cabinets because the height of these types of floor coverings can affect the placement of your cabinets. However, the homeowner can choose to install hardwood and tile flooring before the cabinets, but should be aware of the risk of needing adjustments after installation.

  • Floating floor coverings, like vinyl or laminate, can placed after your cabinets are installed.

  • If you’re making any changes to your wall color or flooring choices, make them before your cabinets are completed and installed. These changes could also require a change in the color of your cabinets.

  • Wiring and plumbing should also be completed before cabinet installation. Both of these jobs are typically done during the building of the home’s foundation, but if your home is undergoing a renovation you may need to replace plumbing or rewire electricity. Your contractor should coordinate with your cabinetmaker during these projects to insure plumbing and wiring match the placement of your cabinets or island.

For more on the ins and outs of cabinet installation, check out another post from our blog, “Building a House? Start with your Cabinets”. If you’re a homeowner who is ready to begin a new kitchen project, contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

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