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2018 Bathroom Vanity Trends

As 2018 carries on, this year’s biggest trends are standing out. One of those trends signals a major shift in bathroom design, including vanities. All-white cabinets, copper finishes and neutral-heavy designs are out. In their places come bold, fresh styles that include mid-century millwork, darker wood stains, pops of color and all the shades of blue. Keep reading today’s post as we delve into the biggest and best trends in bathroom vanities this year.


A few years ago, bathroom sinks became a work of art when vessel sinks burst on the scene. Since then, vessel sinks have gone up and down on the trend meter. Just as some design experts were sure vessel sinks were a trend of the past, 2018 brought them back and this time, they are more stylish and more on-trend than ever. Wooden basins and stone sinks are the most popular types of vessel sinks this time around, as opposed to the artisan sinks of previous years.

Another big trend hitting bathroom sinks this year? Color, particularly vibrant, primary colors. This trend, which echos a similar trend of the 1950’s, will likely carry on past 2018, but we still encourage you to choose a shade you want to see every morning for years to come.


Black is the new black as more and more homeowners are choosing matte black to accent their kitchens and baths this year. Matte black fixtures can embolden neutral tones or tone down vibrant shades, making this trend versatile and practical.

If matte black isn’t your thing, perhaps a more classic approach is more your style. Brass and gold fixtures are also making a comeback this year as homeowners pull away from the copper trend of the last few years.


Minimalism may be in, but when it comes to vanities homeowners want more, more, more...when it comes to functionality and storage, that is. Today’s homeowners want the most efficiency out of their bathroom vanity as possible. Clearing the clutter of vanity tops by implementing organization solutions such as makeup organizers, interior electrical outlets, and grooming organizers is the number one concern of homeowners when it comes to their vanity, along with having plenty of space.

Speaking of space, let’s talk for a second about the other big functionality trend in this year’s vanities. The floating vanity began to make major waves in the US in 2017 after designers fell in love with this European trend. A floating vanity is a wall-mounted vanity that doesn’t reach the floor, leaving you valued space underneath for extra storage or to simply to make the room appear larger.


Gone are the days of lighter wood stains and white or off-white cabinetry...for now, at least. In their places, are mid-century designs, darker wood stains, and shades of blue. Navy is the most popular shade of choice, but other blue shades like marine blue are also big this year.

Countertops are also seeing a major change. Granite takes a backseat as quartz countertops become front and center of 2018’s trending countertop materials. Quartz offers more variety and stronger durability, two aspects today’s homeowners consider a priority.

McCarley Cabinets prides itself on building stylish, high-quality cabinets that offer maximum function and efficiency. To get started on your 2018 bathroom renovation project, give us a call today for a free quote.

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