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Working with Spec Homes

In our industry we’ve worked in just about every type of home, from brand new custom builds to older homes receiving a renovation facelift. Somewhere in between those two categories live spec homes.

Spec is short for speculative and spec homes are homes built by a home builder on sites owned by the builder in hopes of selling the house to the right buyer. Spec homes are often built in neighborhoods using pre-designed blueprints the builder has found to be popular among new home buyers and conducive to most homeowners’ needs. These types of homes are great for home buyers who don’t wish to or have time to plan and design their home with the builder, and for people who want to move into a turnkey property that already meets all of their needs as homeowners.

working with spec homes

New home during construction

Though many spec home buyers leave much of the design detail to their builder, buyers can request some customizations to add uniqueness to their otherwise cookie cutter home. If this idea of having a home built in which you don’t have to be part of every moment of the design process but can still add your own personal flair to certain elements appeals to you, a spec home may be the perfect option. Before you start shopping the spec neighborhoods in your area, here’s a few things you need to know about customizing spec homes.

  • Customizations are best implemented during the earliest phases of the build, preferably during the framework stage.

  • Spec home layouts cannot typically be changed.

  • Changes to customize the home can be made with cabinets, fixtures, and other features that don’t affect the layout.

  • Changes to the design equals changes to the budget. Customizations will increase the cost of the build, so you’ll have to pay to add your own punch to the mix.

New home after construction

McCarley Cabinets has the experience new home buyers are seeking to assist in customizing their new home build. If you’re ready to customize your new home’s design plan, give McCarley Cabinets a call today for a free project estimate.

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