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How to Create Your Home Renovation Dream Team

how to create your home renovation dream team

You’ve heard the old adage “leave it to the professionals” probably more times than you can count. Like many things in life, leaving it to the professionals can be easier said than done, especially when it comes to home renovation or construction. Aside from deciding what you want from your renovation and settling on a budget, choosing the professionals to make your dream renovation a reality is possibly the biggest challenge of the entire process.

In a dream world, home building and design professionals are honest, affordable pros who deliver high quality, long lasting results. Unfortunately, reality is much different and finding professionals who will give you the home building experience and result you want can be a real chore. Today, we’re attempting to make this process easier with expert tips on creating your dream renovation team.

Step One: Know the Types of Home Professionals

Did you know significant differences exist between an interior designer and an interior decorator? You’ve heard the term general contractor, but do you know what their job typically entails? Knowing what type of home professional you need for your project (and budget) is the first essential step in creating your dream team. Here’s a brief synopsis of home professional types and what they do:

  • Architects and interior designers. Though architects focus on the whole scope of the project while interior designers focus on the interior, both professionals create concepts and draw up plans for projects. They may also act as project manager and will work with other professionals involved in the project to see that their designs are properly constructed.

  • Design-build firms. These firms provide services for the whole scope of the project, from designing to building. Some firms have their own in-house architect and interior designers, while others contract out these professionals to help with the project.

  • General contractors. In a nutshell, general contractors build the plans your design professionals create. Designers have the vision, contractors make that vision a reality.

  • Landscape architect. Whether you’re building a new home construction or exterior renovations are part of your project, a landscape architect will design and build an outdoor space that enhances the results of your home construction or renovation.

Step Two: Find and Narrow Down Local Professionals

This is where online communities dedicated to home professionals come in super handy. Our favorite online community for home professionals is Houzz, where you can browse local professionals and find tips and advice on your burning home project questions. Use the local professional directory on Houzz to find top-rated pros in your area, find ones that appear to fit your needs and budget, then start requesting interviews. Most, if not all, home building and design professionals will agree that the ability to work well together with clients is crucial to completing a project successfully. Interviews are a great way to see how well you mesh with the professional and to find out if they can fulfill your vision on your budget. You should also visit past projects completed by the professionals you’re interviewing before making any final decisions.

Step Three: Be Honest and Upfront about your Budget

But first, you should know what your real budget is and what you can do with it. Once you’ve figured that out, choose professionals who fit that budget. Then, be honest with them about how much you have to spend. This will help them design a plan that meets your needs/desires and stays within your financial reach.

Ready to create your design team? McCarley Cabinets wants to be part of it! Get started with a free estimate by calling 662-728-1533.

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