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Our Favorite Kitchens of 2018

It’s been a fantastic year for McCarley Cabinets. Throughout 2018, we brought to life some of the most beautiful kitchens we’ve ever built and we also had the honor of creating cabinetry for the kitchen, bathroom and living room in the 2018 Tupelo St. Jude Dream Home. As the year begins to wind down, we thought it would be a great time to look back at our favorite kitchen projects.

The Traditional White Kitchen

This kitchen features everything there is to love about classic white kitchens and traditional style. Although it’s one of the smaller kitchen spaces we worked with this year, this kitchen is chocked with usable storage space in every corner.

The White Transitional Kitchen

This transitional kitchen features traditional white shaker cabinets and black hardware with a bit of rustic flair thrown into the mix. Traditional silver was chosen for the faucet and pot filler which paired well with the stainless steel appliances. All elements are blended together to provide a crisp, serene feel every time you walk into the room.

The St. Jude House Kitchen

For the 2018 Tupelo St. Jude Dream Home, we created a classic, country kitchen that would make your grandmother envious. Some of our favorite features of this kitchen include the woven backsplash, the countertops, and the black sink and hood range cover.

The White Monochrome Kitchen

This stunning kitchen has several touches like the small gold hanging chandeliers and wall-mounted candelabra that give the space a high-end feel. Who wouldn’t want to cook in this space?

The Funky Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen

Where do we begin with this one? From the rustic hood range cover to the colorful multifunctional island to the interesting backsplash and fun sliding pantry doors, this unique kitchen truly packs a punch.

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