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2018 Kitchen Trends Review

2019 is officially here but we’re taking a look back at the biggest kitchen trends of 2018 that we think are here to stay.

The emergence of darker toned cabinets. After years of white-washed kitchens, America is ready to add a little more color to the family’s favorite room in the house.

Quartz still reigns. This material is as beautiful as granite but with less maintenance and a smaller punch to the pocketbook.

Blue kitchens. Though other rich colors like green and yellow are popular color choices, blue in every shade takes the award for most wanted kitchen color of 2018 and continues to heat up as a major trend for 2019.

Organized storage. From lazy susans to charging drawers, today’s cabinets work smarter and harder than ever before.

Reimagined appliances. Stainless steel is no longer the go-to appliance choice. Instead, homeowners are adding a splash of color or making a statement with their appliances or hiding them altogether with streamlined cabinet facings.

Streamlined kitchens. Think hidden vent hoods, clutterless countertops, and veiled appliances.

Eat-in kitchens. Goodbye dining rooms, hello breakfast nooks, banquettes and massive multifunctional islands.

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