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The Rise of the She Shed

Image by Brian Hancock, Country Living.

Cottage owned by Barbara Adkins, owner of Black Sheep Antiques

The man cave. You know what it is. It’s a place for men, particularly married men, to regain a bit of freedom and space from their bachelor glory days. It’s a place filled with things most wives just don’t want in their shared living space, like a pool table, a drum set, or a Kegerator. For decades now, it’s been acceptable for men to have a space of their own to retreat to when times get tough or they just want to take a break with their buddies. But in the last few years, women have declared their need for a room of their own and, just like that, the she-shed was born.

What is a she shed?

A she shed is like a man cave, only girlier and nicer smelling. In place of pool tables and Kegerators, there’s crafting books, sewing tables, and wine or coffee. Sometimes, there’s even a daybed or comfy couch so moms can have a place to do their most favorite activity--take a nap.

She sheds emerged as a new trend in late 2016/early 2017, but thanks segments to like this one on NBC's Today show and this now-famous commercial from State Farm in which Cheryl proclaimed her excitement over getting a more she-she-er she shed after hers was struck by lightning, the she shed exploded in popularity in 2018.

Image by Twenty20

She shed basics The name she shed was coined by author Erika Kotite and refers to the trending movement of women who are turning outbuildings or sheds into their own private backyard retreat. Perhaps the best thing about she sheds is that there is no set criteria for what the she shed looks like or it's functionality.

She sheds can be anything from an arts and crafts studio to a writer's retreat to a place to take a nap in peace. But there are a couple of basics every woman wants in a she shed including storage space. Seating, lighting and a work table or desk are also she shed essentials.

What does your dream she shed look like? If you're ready to make your she shed dreams come true, McCarley Cabinets can help! Get started on your she shed dreams today by requesting a free estimate on your project.

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